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How to Look More Professional at Work

How to Look More Professional at Work

If you’re like me and have a fulfilling career you really enjoy, count yourself blessed! People like us make up only 20% of Americans. However, if you’re “satisfied” with your job, chances are you’re not really satisfied. No way, you want to level up your career to get even more from your job! #GirlBoss

I know you’re reaching for something. Whether it’s climbing the corporate ladder or getting a bigger role in the next company project. But, how do you get it? Of course, performance has a lot to do with it, but if you’re in an office of several high performers, you’ve gotta stick out beyond the data! 

If you are intentional about the way you present yourself in the office, you can start to get the attention of executives. So, today, we’re discussing just that. How do you look more professional and capable at work? Here’s how:

How to Look More Professional at Work 

How to Look More Professional at Work

Always be on time. 

Arriving to work on time is the first and easiest way to show you care about your job and your coworkers. Showing up tardy day after day shows your boss (and your teammates!) that you don’t take your career seriously. So, if you want to present a willingness to grow, skip the Starbucks line and get to work on time! 

Clean up your contact tools. 

Your clients, coworkers, and managers need to reach you regularly. To make sure that every interaction is professional, make sure each form of contact presents your expertise and competence appropriately! 

No, your private social media channels don’t need to become glorified sales pages. However, any public view of yourself like a LinkedIn page should represent your best. Your email is a big one too! Make a polished email signature with your job title, name, phone number, and even a picture of yourself. (A professional one, of course.) 

Additionally, if you regularly get calls from clients on your personal phone, consider setting up a professional phone with a custom voicemail! That way, you know when answering your phone whether it’s for work or pleasure. (You’d hate to accidentally say, “Hey, girl! What’s up?” to a potential investor, am I right?)

Maintain a positive and confident attitude. 

Regardless of what’s going on at home or work, adopt a professional outlook and demeanor. This looks like presenting yourself with confidence and always maintaining a positive attitude. When executives see you can be calm under pressure and you don’t let your personal life impact your work day, it shows you’re capable of doing more!  

Always be ready to lead or step-up.

If you want to be a leader, you don’t need to wait for a promotion. Take your career into your own hands, and step up now. Y’all, if you pay attention to clients, co-workers, and managers, you’ll find tons of opportunities to make something happen. 

When higher ups see you’re coming up with good ideas and taking lead without a promotion or raise, they’ll know you’re worth more investment. (I already know you are, but let’s show them how amazing you can be!)

Don’t spend time at the water cooler. (If you get me.) 

Y’all . . . you know that toxic water cooler talk. It starts as a casual work convo, and then quickly divulges into complaining and gossiping. Though it may seem harmless, it’ll set the precedent that you’re unsatisfied with your job and not a team player. 

This is anything but a good impression! If you want to grow in your industry, you have to maintain a professional disposition. Plus, you don’t want to start something with a co-worker right before you become their boss. That would be so AWKWARD. 

Maintain great communication. 

Whether it’s sending an email or giving a presentation, you need to maintain great communication. Respond quickly to messages. Be aware of your body language when talking with colleagues and bosses. And, don’t be afraid to over communicate and seek clarification. Higher ups will love that you’re proactive and clear! 

Respond to feedback immediately. 

If you jump into a new position, you’ll have a lot to learn. Your managers want to see that you can handle receiving negative feedback. So, in your current position, take all criticism with a positive attitude and make your changes right away. This will show your bosses that training you for the next position will be a breeze!

Dress well. 

We all know the saying, “Dress for the job you want, not the job you have.” But, y’all, it’s true. No matter the dress code, you should be leveling up your wardrobe if you want a promotion. It tells everyone that you take your job seriously and it gives you a natural leadership aura. You look like a boss b*tch, surely you must be one? 

For those of you that work from home, this is no exception. Be business casual on that camera! It’ll be one more thing that says you’re prepared, committed, and talented. If you don’t have a work wardrobe that fits your goals, don’t worry. I’ve got you covered, girlfriend. Below are some AMAZING professional outfits that are easy to style and look absolutely fierce: 

Professional Work Outfits 

Professional work outfit
Puff Sleeve Blouse and Wide Legged Trousers

Nothing says professional like a classic black-and-white ensemble. It’s naturally corporate and refined! This look features a white button-up with a feminine “bowtie” and ruffled cuffs. It’s a totally feminine spin on a masculine classic. 

The high-waisted, wide-leg trousers help create a flattering silhouette, and they’re seriously SO comfy. Plus, the buttons on the side are always classy. Add loafers and silver stud earrings for a completed look. 

Slip Dress and Belted Jacket

A slip dress is a perfect texture and shape for layering. It’s flowy and silky, so adding on structured layers is super simple. Throw on a neutral riding jacket, waist belt, and a few go-to gold jewelry pieces, and your set! 

Puff Sleeve Blouse and White Leather Pants

Guys, I’m telling you, you’ve gotta add leather pants to your wardrobe! They’re so versatile for everything from edgy streetwear to professional workwear. In this look, I used white leather pants and a puff sleeve blouse and accented with geometric black and tan accessories. It’s the perfect modern, classy neutral look! 

Flare Leg Trousers and Oversized Blazer

For this look, start with high-waisted flare trousers that effortlessly shape your figure. Then add a simple sleeveless muscle tank and an oversized blazer. The whole look is solid neutrals at this point, so give it a little flavor with an animal print belt or trendy handbag

Satin Maxi Skirt and Cropped Tweed Blazer

A tweed jacket and a satin maxi skirt are in ultimate contrast with one another, which is why they create the perfect outfit. The high-waisted ochre maxi skirt is shapeless and smooth, while the cropped plaid jacket is structural and rough. 

Plus, the combo of a high-waisted skirt and a cropped jacket looks SO flattering. Use this basic crew top under the jacket and skirt, and finish the look with some black pumps. This ensemble is GORGEOUS. 

Monochrome Plaid Jacket and High Waisted Ankle Pants

Monochrome is magical and trendy. This tonal workwear look consists of high-waisted ankle pants, a plaid jacket, and suede booties all in the same light beige color! The uniformity just makes the outfit so upscale and beautiful! 

Sleeveless Blazer, Bodysuit, and Split Hem Leggings

Here’s a perfect work-from-home outfit that is both comfortable and professional. Start with a black tank bodysuit that is perfectly tuckable. Then, add split hem leggings, because, who doesn’t want to wear leggings when lounging (I mean working) at the house? 

Finally, add one more layer in the form of the sleeveless white blazer and a few pieces of gold jewelry! (For shoes, rock your sneakers or slippers. No one can see anyway.) Is it sophisticated? Yes, Is it comfy? ALSO YES. 

Black Knit Dress and Wool Dad Coat

Black and brown can be paired together. In fact, it’s an instantly classy and chic style! To echo this trend, grab this black knit a-line dress that could literally be dazzling on anyone, I swear, and add this brown dad coat. The black is slimming, the coat is elevating. It’s the perfect pairing!

Knit Blazer and Leather Pants

I love a knit blazer because it’s like a secret sweater. It’s cozy and comfortable, but looks architectural and, of course, professional! This illusion is great for a workwear look, especially when combined with black leather pants and a simple striped button-up. PERFECTION. 

Sleeveless Satin Top and Pleated Trousers

If you’re not a jacket-type girl, you can still look professional. This outfit uses pleated high-rise pants in beryl green and a sleeveless muscle tank. The lightweight and flowy nature of the top and bottom can be tightened up for the workplace using black accessories and jewelry

Button-Down and High-Rise Sweater Skirt

This look is classic, but it works every time! Pair a ribbed high-rise sweater skirt with a gauzy button-up for a simple workwear ensemble. Refine it with gold jewelry, black heels, and even a colored blazer if you want. But, this look works well with just black and white too! 

Sweater Vest, Wide Leg Trousers, and a Black Blazer 

Sweater vests are back in style and perfect for the workplace! They add a luxury texture to the usual workwear textiles. So, for this look, I created another black and brown ensemble that includes wide-leg trousers, an oversized black blazer (SO VERSATILE), and a cropped sweater vest. Dress it up with some heels, a great handbag, and some gold jewelry for the ultimate trendy ensemble.

Oversized Pant Suit and Heels

It may seem like oversized clothes will make you look shapeless and sloppy, but that’s not the case at all! You just need a well-made set that stresses your waist and is hemmed to the right length. This pantsuit is the perfect example of how to do it right! Just make sure you add polishing details like jewelry, heels, and a structured handbag. 

Sweater Dress and Leather Trench Coat

Want an outfit that’ll take you minutes? This sweater dress is naturally sophisticated, flattering, and just BEAUTIFUL. All you need to dress it up is this black leather trench coat, a necklace, heels, and your favorite work tote. That’s it! With this outfit, it couldn’t be easier to get a professional workday look. 

Oversized Blazer, Loafers, and Flare Trousers

Here’s that oversized blazer from earlier, but with a different spin. If you’re not all-in for the oversized, this is a good compromise. Instead, I paired it with flair trousers, loafers, and a geometric cutout handbag. There’s just the right balance of strong shape and loose forms. 

Show them who’s boss with these professional outfits!

Reach your career goals with a laser focus and a powerful workwear ensemble. When you dress well, you don’t only impress others, but you carry yourself with more confidence! You might even find you’re more motivated and optimistic when you know you look amazing. Wear one of these looks, let me know how you feel, and definitely tell me when you get the promotion! 

For more style tips and outfit ideas for any occasion, check out my blog, Instagram, and LTK. I’ve got loads of content for anyone looking to add-on or rebuild their wardrobe. Stay trendy and stay you with the Life Lutzruious community!