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How to Style a Cropped Jacket

How to Style a Cropped Jacket

It’s fall, y’all! That means it’s the season for layers—tons of textures, shapes, and autumn colors that tier on top of one another for a totally gorgeous fall look. One of my favorite pieces to pair with this season’s ensembles are cropped jackets. They’re perfect for transitional weather and for bringing shape to warmer outfits. 

So, today, I’ve dedicated my post to styling cropped jackets. How do you wear them? What kinds are there out there? And, what outfits do you pair them with? I’ve got the answers, friends! Hold tight. Here we go:

How to Style a Cropped Jacket

Wear with a form-fitting dress. 

A form-fitting dress hugs your curves to bring attention to all your best features! However, they can throw you a little off-balance if your hips are wider or if the dress flares out at the bottom. 

To even out the look and shape the perfect hourglass figure (as well as minimize a tummy pouch or anything else you’re self-conscious about) add a cropped jacket! If you don’t want something completely form-fitting, you could wear a cropped jacket with a maxi dress. But, here are a couple of outfit ideas for the tight dress look: 

Long Black Dress and Printed Cropped Jacket 

This look is so fierce. It could be a work look, a work-from-home look, or an evening look. It just screams “powerful woman,” and I LOVE that. Anyway, this dress hugs you all the way down, which can make you feel a little exposed. And, the bare shoulders can throw off the shape. So, the structured cropped jacket adds something special and architectural to the otherwise curvy outfit. 

Add a crystal and gold necklace, and white luxury sneakers for a complete look. If the tennis shoes feel a little too wild for you, definitely feel free to opt for some white or black heels. And, don’t shy away from glitzy accents. (Make that look POP.) 

Polo Mini Dress and Cropped Shacket 

Here’s a more casual look that’s no less stylish! It was inspired by the Master’s, but really it’s the perfect fall outfit. Start with the Abercrombie mini dress in any color. (I chose green, but grey and pink are also gorgeous!) Then, layer the shacket over the top. What’s a shacket, you ask? It’s fleece fabric that’s designed like a cut-off button-up. So, it’s cozy, but it has shape. Great for this season!

After that, add on gold and brown leather accessories. And, don’t you forget my favorite vintage sneaks and that animal print headband. SO CUTE. If this isn’t warm enough for you, add some fleece knit tights for one more texture that’ll further amplify the look while keeping you toasty on the cool fall nights. More fall outfit inspo, here.

Balance with a longer top. 

Do you ever put on a top that’s made long or oversized on purpose, and it just doesn’t look right? That’s because it usually drags your torso down or overemphasizes the hips. It can make your proportions all wrong if not styled correctly! 

Well, a great way to wear those long, cozy tops is with a cropped jacket. The contrast between the two lengths shapes the perfect outfit! Then, just add bottoms, which could be cropped pants, wide-legged denim, or even a low rise skirt. Just play with the proportions until the outfit feels good and looks flattering! 

Oversized Graphic Tee, Biker Shorts, and Cropped Utility Jacket

For this ensemble, grab your favorite oversized or long graphic tee, and pair it with tight biker shorts or leggings. The contrast between the tight leggings and the big shirt is a classic look that works every. single. time. To add some shape to that roomy top, add a utility jacket! And to finish up the outfit, rock sneaks, sunglasses, and your go-to bag. Now you’re ready for anything.

Add structure to a loose blouse or sweater. 

We’ve talked a lot about how cropped jackets add shape. This is because these jackets tend to have sharp angles and hard lines that make them more boxy and geometric. And, with fashion, opposites often attract! So, pairing an angular jacket with a loose blouse or sweater is super visually interesting, and always flattering. 

Kimono Sleeved Sweater and Cropped Leather Jacket

This loose cable knit top was a moment, y’all. I combined it with a high-waisted black skirt, black tights, and, of course, the cropped leather jacket. Not only do the differences in shape make this look work, but the textures too. The metallic sheen of the leather mixed with the heavy knit totally elevates this look. All you need to finish it up are some black booties (and maybe a cute knit hat)!

Shape your silhouette with high-waisted pants. 

Cropped jackets paired with high-waisted pants are a great way to shape your figure to make you look taller and thinner! The pants come up high, making the jacket almost look natural where it sits, even though the jacket is cropped. The undershirt becomes just an accessory then, and the jacket and the pants do all the work. 

High-Waisted Skinny Jeans and Wool Blend Jacket

This outfit is all fall! Start by grabbing these gorgeous high-rise skinny jeans with the added button accents up the waistband. Then, add a super cute cutout tank (totally in-style this season). The cutouts add a little flare and femininity to the masculine plaid shirt jacket that goes on next. To finish out the look, grab a fedora and pointed-toe boots! Love it!

Cropped Denim Jacket and High Rise Leggings

Here’s a look at your more active days! Just grab these high-rise split leggings, and a graphic tee. Then, add the DAZZLING denim jacket. It’s not just a standard denim jacket. It’s got these gorgeous puff sleeves that add even more shape and structure to this piece! The dark color pairs well with the black leggings and elevates the outfit while keeping it casual

Pair it with non-skinny jeans.

I feel like our urge is to pair everything with skinny jeans every time, but not so fast! Those cropped jackets add a lot of body to your top half. This can sometimes distort your proportions, so instead, pair them with jeans that have a little body too! This will draw the eyes up and down and give you that perfect hourglass shape regardless of your body type! 

Camo Jacket and Straight Jeans 

This casual look is so easy to style. All you need is some straight, high-waist jeans and a solid top to start out. Then, add a cropped camo jacket that naturally has that uniform-ish look. To play off the orderliness of the jacket, contrast it with distressed jeans and a casual shirt. 

Additionally, the distressed jeans draw even more attention downward, which can help with balance! To finish out the outfit, grab a cute straw purse. A little summer-y? Sure. But, we don’t have to let go of ALL the nice weather vibes, right?

Other Cropped Jacket Styles

Fuzzy Cropped Jacket and Wide Leg Trousers

I love this look for work or brunch with the girls. Start with neutral wide-leg trousers and a matching sleeveless turtleneck blouse. This slimming base with flare towards the bottom will help to perfectly balance any cropped jacket. Add this adorable brown fuzzy cropped jacket, some kitten heels, and finally, some gold accessories to top off the look.

You can also create a more casual vibe with this outfit by choosing a cropped jean jacket. Or an even more polished look with a cropped blazer. Either way – it’s totally cute and totally chic. No matter which cropped layer you go with, this look is light and bright all without being too daring or extra. Love it! More tips on styling wide-leg trousers HERE.

Cropped Puffer Jacket and Leggings

I love playing with brown tones in the fall. They create such a relaxed yet well put together look, especially when it comes to fall workout outfits. This outfit is perfect for hitting the gym, a walk in the park, or a day of running errands. Start with a casual white tee or tank, some lululemon shine leggings, your fav sneakers, and your duffle bag.

If it’s a little chilly outside, reach for this brown cropped puffer from Abercrombie & Fitch. I love the full-length leggings + cropped jacket look because it makes you look oh-so slim and tall. (More tips for dressing to look slim and tall HERE.) If you prefer lighter colors, worry not. This cropped puffer also comes in blue, green, burgundy, cream, and more. Fair warning: this one is almost sold out. So if you’re dying for an affordable cropped puffer, run – don’t walk – and snatch one up while you still can!

Cropped jackets are the perfect fall vibe for any autumn excursion. 
How to Style a Cropped Jacket

If you were looking for new ways to style your cropped jackets, I hope this post helped! This is such a fun season for style, and I don’t want anyone to miss out on all the dopamine dressing possibilities. 

For more style tips, and to see my daily outfit pics, check out my blog and Instagram! I’d love to interact with you there and answer all your fashion questions. Let’s make the perfect fall wardrobe together!