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Hey, welcome!

I’m Lindsey Lutz AND I’M SO GRATEFUL YOU’RE HERE! My blog was created for the fashion-obsessed, globe-trottin’, bad ass woman (or man) looking for a little creative inspiration.

Wanting to plan that once in a lifetime trip for your family? Hoping to take what you already have in your closet to put together some show-stopping outfits? Or just needing a laugh
on a bad day? Well, you came to the right place. Life Lutzurious is a perfect outlet for all of us to share, be creative, inspire others, display confidence, and frankly, kick some ass! So, without further adieu, I am VERY excited to share everything that is “lutzurious” to me. Here is a little more info about my blog and how it came to be…

In real life, I have the opportunity to manage an amazing group of sales professionals across the Southeast. Helping them grow, develop, and become successful is one of the most rewarding aspects of my life. Because of my career, I am on the road…A LOT. And I love every minute of it. While grueling at times, I am able to see so many cool things and meet some amazing people.

Discovering new things intrigues me. As a result, I am constantly researching the things I love most: fashion, travel, design, typography, food, and football. With some not so gentle nudging from my friends, the idea of a blog came to fruition. The thought of having a creative outlet to channel my curiosity seemed both amazing and challenging. And frankly, a little crazy, considering my lack of free time. Fashion and style are forms of self-expression that provide me with a creative outlet in the fast-paced, all-business world I live in each day. Why not expand this outlet to motivate and inspire the people I love the most?

“whatever your “style” is, it should be a reflection of you.”

I am nowhere near being a fashion expert or food connoisseur or a travel guru, but to me, style is a personal reflection of what you love. And for the most part, my style is sort of random. I love bright colors and modern design, as well as all things edgy: leather, black, mixed metals, spikes, etc. Did I say spikes? Whatever your “style” is, it should be a reflection of you. As you take this journey with me, I think you will see a correlation between the clothes I wear, the hotels I visit, and the architecture and design that I love.

Thank you SO much for sharing a passion with me for all things creative! Please feel free to email me anytime at [email protected] or contact me HERE. You can also shop ALL MY FAVS in my shop boutique HERE. As you take this journey with me, I hope each of you will dare to be unique and embrace your inner-lutzurious. Remember, it’s not what you wear but how you wear it. If you like to wear sequins to brunch, then by all means, rock those sequins at brunch! Win the day!


Get to know me

  • 1. What beverage best describes me?

  • 2. My favorite travel destination?

  • 3. Something I can’t live without?

    Lip gloss
  • 4. Netflix or TV series?

  • 5. A fun-fact you won’t know about me?

    I used to play the cello
  • 6. What’s a meal I could live off forever?