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How to Wear Wide Leg Trousers

As we descend into a new season, it’s time for a wardrobe update! And, every time you switch up your closet, you should step a little outside of your comfort zone. 

When you wear a trend you didn’t think you could pull off, it’s energizing and confidence-boosting. So, friends, I am challenging you today to set aside those skinny jeans and skin-tight leggings. Instead, grab a pair of wide-leg trousers!

Wide-leg trousers don’t have to look frumpy or dated, and they won’t when styled correctly. In fact, wide-leg trousers can make you look slimmer and taller, and they are oh-so easy to wear. It’s not hard at all to elevate wide-legged trousers and make them look totally polished and fashion-forward. Today, I’ve dedicated my post to teaching you how to style wide-legged pants. Let’s get to it! 

How to Wear Wide-Leg Trousers

Accentuate your waist. 

When you wear wide-leg trousers or palazzo pants, you widen your bottom half. If you throw on another similar fitting top and just let it hang, you’ll look blocky and mute your beautiful figure. Instead, use wide-legged pants to create a totally flattering silhouette by accentuating your waist.

With a widened bottom half and a defined waist, you’ll gain an exaggerated hourglass figure that keeps you curvy, balanced, and beautiful! Stress your waist by wearing a belt, a tie front blouse, a crop top, or any form-fitting shirt. 

Add structure around the shoulders.

When you broaden the bottom half of your outfit, you have the freedom to add lots of shape to the top as well. You can create a flattering silhouette using a structured jacket, a puff sleeve top, or anything with constructed shoulders. Now, both the bottom and top have some volume! This will draw your waist in, make you look taller, and make a dynamic fashion statement.

What shoes to wear with wide leg pants.

When you wear wide-leg pants, knowing what shoes to wear can be a challenge. I recommend wearing something with a little chunk. You don’t want the shoes to get lost under the pants. So, try boots, mules, loafers, tennis shoes, and/or your fav chunky sneakers. These shoe stylings will anchor and elevate your look. If you go with heels, opt for block heels or high heels with a pointed toe to give your bottom half even more dimension.

Play with length.

If you’re struggling with finding the right shoes for full-length trousers, opt for a different length. Not all pairs of wide-leg pants are cut the same! You can get cropped pants to frame a cute pair of heels or flats. Cropped pants are especially flattering on tall women who don’t need the added height wide-legged pants provide. 

Rock a great hat. 

A wide hat with wide trousers gives your completed ensemble a balanced, put-together look. Head over to my favorite hat designer Janessa Leone and grab a bucket hat, wool fedora, or straw panama hat. Each one will elevate the look while also defining it. Is this a beachy look? Is it streetwear? Or, maybe it’s workwear? Let your hat decide!  

Tops to wear with wide leg pants.

With the extra weight and scope of the wide-legged trousers, you have room to play with the top half. Though you can keep it simple with a skin-tight bodysuit, you could also layer on lots of tops, sweaters, and jackets. Even a denim jacket. The outfit can handle the added load to the upper section since the trousers take up so much space and attention. An exciting layered top half will draw those eyes up and down, evening out your look! 

Mix textures.

When you add layers, ensure that you vary textures and shades to keep it balanced. Mix leather and linen. Mix cotton and chunky knits. Or, even mix denim and silk. The possibilities are endless! But, don’t be afraid to layer on multiple textures. It’s the easiest way to make your look luxurious and intentional, rather than sloppy and oversized.

Go oversized, but refine it.

But, if you do want to go oversized, there’s a way to tastefully style that too. This could look really frumpy if not done right, but I know you can make it trendy! Just tuck in your top at the front and refine your look with gold jewelry, mules, and a quality handbag. This kind of oversized ensemble is super stylish, slimming, and simply stunning!

Keep your look polished with jewelry. 

Regardless of how you style your wide-legged pants, you need jewelry to polish them up. You don’t want your wide-leg trousers outfit to look more like baggy sweatpants and whatever shirt. To develop the outfit, of course, follow other rules on this list, but ensure you’ve got jewelry. Bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and even a good belt will take your outfit from relaxed to runway. 

Show a little skin somewhere.

Give us a peak at skin! The wide-leg trousers cover a lot of skin. And, since they’re oversized, they create the illusion of covering even more skin. If you’re looking for a great way to add balance as well as a little sexiness to your pant styling, try giving it a little skin. You can do this using a crop top, a v-neck, cropped trousers, or a sleeveless shirt. 

Wide Leg Trousers Outfit Ideas

Striped Sweater with Leather Trousers, Sneakers, and a statement Bag

I am majorly crushing on these neutral Fall vibes. Striped sweaters are really trending right now due to their versatility, comfortability, and chic factor. Pair with crisscross faux leather pants and clean, white sneakers for an easy Fall look. Switch out your sneakers for these gorgeous ankle boots to take the outfit up a notch!

Sleeveless Sweater with Oversized Blazer and Wide Leg Pants 

This neutral look is the perfect workwear look for Fall! You start with a cropped sleeveless sweater, wide-leg trousers, and an oversized blazer. These oversized elements are already balanced since the sweater is cropped right at the smallest part of your waist. I recommend balancing it out even more with a fitted v-neck. Then, refine it with a ruched crossbody and quality loafers. Remember, keep it simple to maintain a chic–yet sophisticated–look. 

If you like this look, you can also try it with a white button-up!

Cropped Sweatshirt with Wide Leg Pants and Sneakers

I am OBSESSED with this casual, chic look for Fall. It’s perfect for pick up and drop off, a quick lunch with the girls, or a Friday night movie with the fam. Abercrombie has the cutest printed sweatshirts and my favorite trousers. Throw on a long wool coat, and you are set!

If you want to dress it up, try switching your sweatshirt out with this adorable sweater and your sneakers for these sleek ankle boots.

Crop Top and Linen High-Waisted Pants

Crop tops and mules are a great option for a simple wide-legged trouser outfit. It’s easy to find something that goes with these white wide-leg pants. In this post, there’s an asymmetrical crop top, a puff sleeve crop top, or a halter crop top! Each one is a different neutral tone, and they all go with the gorgeous, retro leather mules. Don’t forget one of the great hats and stylish handbags as well.

Tie Front Button Up, Wide-Legged Trousers, and Loafers

If you’re worried about looking frumpy, these white wide-press crease trousers look anything but drab! Even on their own, they look totally polished and ready for anything. In this look, I paired them with a tie-front linen button-up that keeps the look light and comfortable. Plus, that tie cinches in the waist perfectly!

To finish your wide-leg pant outfit, add Gucci loafers and gold chains. You could wear this look to work, out for errands, or brunch with the girls. If you need a handbag, look no further than Tory Burch!

Flare Pants with Layered Tops and Jewelry 

This outfit is a great example of the layering you can do with wide-legged pants! This outfit starts with a really unique set. The baby blue duo is made of wool, but the textures of each piece are totally different. They’re not quite matchy-matchy, which I think elevates it. 

Under the wool knit cardigan is a white shirt and layered gold necklaces. You could also add a trench coat for one more layer while we’re in this transitional period between seasons. I’d recommend going for white, cream, or light beige to keep with your color scheme. Take time to consider how the coat pairs with your look. It shouldn’t cover your outfit, it should frame it. 

Sleeveless Satin Top and Pleated Trousers

For an upscale wide-legged trousers outfit, use a sleeveless satin top to balance out the high-rise pleated pants. I love that in this outfit the pants are colored, and the shirt is neutral because it flips the norm. Plus, the fabric and style of each piece are already high-end, and flopping the color scheme makes it even more elegant. 

To finish it up, don’t forget the Tory Burch heeled mules, the topaz gold earrings, and the woven belt to add class and style. To warm it up, add a structured leather jacket. It’s such a gorgeous look that could work for a lot of occasions!

White Trimmed Cotton Pants and Muscle Crop

This one follows all the tips and tricks to create the perfect wide trousers outfit! First, y’all, RUN for these cotton wide-leg jeans with white trim. There’s a lot of body to the pants themselves, but also a ton of visual interest with the subtle white threading!

Then, on top add a cropped muscle shirt. The top features wide shoulders to balance your figure and a cropped cut to show a little skin. It totally highlights that waist! For accessories, wear black combat boots and a silver chain necklace and bracelet. Finally, add a hobo bag or black tote for a complete look. The outfit is edgy, urban, and so much fun! 

Wide-leg trousers are an easy and flattering fall trend! 
How to Wear Wide Leg Trousers

Are you ready to style wide-legged trousers? YAY! Which outfit do you plan to manifest from your own closet? Please let me know in the comments! It’s always so exciting to see how you all style your looks. 

If you’re looking for more style tips and outfit inspo, make sure you check out the blog, follow me on Insta, and shop my LTK page. I’ve got tons of approachable style tips that’ll help you take your wardrobe to the next level!