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What to Wear with Leather Pants

For the past few weeks, I’ve been showcasing how you can fill your fall wardrobe with a lot more than solid leggings and skinny jeans. You do not need to be an Instagram fashion influencer to style bottoms with unique cuts, varying widths, and fun textures. You can find practical, fashion-forward finds that will take your fall style to the next level.

Another item that you should include in your fall collection is leather pants. They take a rigid, polished outfit and roughen it up a little bit. It adds an urban, punk vibe that can take a girly outfit and turn it to something chic and feminine, but totally powerful! (And, if you’re not into authentic leather and furs, there are plenty of faux and vegan leather options on this list.) Here’s how to style leather pants:

What to Wear with Leather Pants


You can wear leather pants with all sorts of accessories, but hats are one of the best choices. If you’re already using leather pants to balance out the femininity of a frilly blouse or cute heels, add a brimmed leather hat or leather baseball cap

Rough Textures

Leather has this look of liquid metal or another shiny metallic surface. This makes the look appear urban, industrial, and even futuristic. Though you probably want notes of that in your outfit, you don’t want to go all-in and instead create something tacky or costumey. So, balancing out the slick feel with rough textures like a sherpa, knit, or shearling will elevate the ensemble and marry the whole thing together. 

Leather Handbag

You probably don’t want to go leather-on-leather with a leather jacket and leather trousers. But there are still places to add leather! Beyond a good hat, you could add leather using a handbag! Most heirloom, quality brands have tons of bags in authentic and vegan leather. Adding one more hint of leather makes the look a little more luxurious and edgy. I love a good shoulder leather bag, or even a leather tote!


Even though a pair of leather pants is usually a solid neutral color, it often steals the show because of the dynamic metallic fabric. In order to draw back the bold garment, pair it with a vibrant print. Plaid, animal print, and any other busy print will complement leather best!

Structured Coat

Leather pants have a fluid appearance. They almost look like they’re melting or liquid in this really cool, cutting-edge way. So, naturally, you want to follow the rule of contrasting when it comes to fashion, so get a coat! A structured trench coat, bomber jacket, or even a denim jacket work great with leather! 

Leather Pants Outfit Ideas

Leather Pants and Knit Blazer

Y’all, I love this workwear look. I feel like people don’t think of leather pants as being office appropriate, but they totally are! You just have to draw down the grunginess and swap it for that perfect corporate vibe. Add a knit blazer and a ribbed white shirt in light neutral colors, and you have something comfortable, empowering, and GORGEOUS.

Brown Leather Pants and Plaid Sweater

Don’t want to wear black leather pants? Don’t worry, there are other colors too! This brown pair is naturally more understated, and it’s the perfect canvas for a preppy fall look. Wear the brown leggings with the black and bronze plaid sweater. Finish it off with a pair of sherpa sneakers and some gold jewelry for a cozy autumn ensemble. 

Striped Sweater and Faux Leather Pants

Here is another sweater and leather pants look! This outfit is matchy-matchy with a striped sweater and fishbone purse in the same black and brown color scheme! To keep this ensemble casual and chic, complete the look with a pair of white sneakers

Bird Fringe Blazer, Baseball Tee, and Leather Pants

Remember what I said about structure and texture? That’s what this look is all about. Start with those leather pants, then wear a neutral baseball tee, cowgirl boots, and a fringe blazer. Each element adds another shade and tone to your neutral palette. Plus, the movement and geometry of the fringe combined with the loose leather pants create a balanced, show-stopping look with a ton of visual interest.  

Leather Rolled Sleeved Top and Asymmetrical Leather Pants

Leather on leather? Have I gone crazy? I respond to that by saying: “Umm . . . have you even opened the link yet? How cute is this look? Grab these crisscross asymmetrical leather pants, and add a solid, voluminous leather top. Finally, take note of the printed accessories that provide balance to your look. 

Leather Jeans and Puff Sleeve Cardigan

This puff sleeve cardigan DEMANDS your attention. It’s just one of those show-stopping pieces that I just love. However, to find bottoms and accessories that meet this elevated standard, you’ve got to go bold. And, don’t be afraid! If everything is chic and well-styled, you don’t have to worry about going a little wild. So, pair this adventurous cardigan with your preferred pair of leather jeans. So cute! 

Quilted Jacket with Faux Shearling Lining and Leather Pants

I love these ankle-cut, high-waisted pants. You can easily pair them with heels or boots with no trouble at all. Then, to make an outfit out of your heels and pants, add a white bodysuit and throw under it the faux shearling-lined quilted jacket. This thing is GRAND. So beautiful. So chic. Oh, and the heavy, thick textures will definitely balance the scale of your leather look. 

Faux Leather Leggings, Graphic Tee, and Skate Shoes

Okay, one stereotype of leather pants is that they belong only to the punk, grunge, or scene crowd. Though we know that’s not true, why not style these things a way that feels natural? Grab your favorite print tote, a graphic band tee, and, of course, Vans! A plaid shirt over all of it will help create visual interest and a flattering silhouette. 

Animal Print Blouse with Leather Leggings and Shoulder Bag

Here’s another workwear look! The faux leather leggings naturally make you look taller and slimmer, so you can add some volume to the top. This animal print top has lots of movement and space that levels out the outfit. For accessories, grab a leather clutch, a gold necklace, and black slides. If you get cold, try a bomber jacket!

Leather Shorts with Tights, Booties, and Beret

Instead of a leather pants outfit, how about wear shorts? These roomy, pull-on leather shorts are so unique and create such a moment. I totally rock them in the fall by putting black tights underneath and rocking black booties. Then, for the top half, I layered up brown tones. 

Don’t think you can wear brown and black? You can! In fact, it’s really trendy right now. Bring the top and bottom together with a black beret and quilted lambskin bag. This look could be workwear, evening wear, or a casual daytime outfit. 

Bodysuit, Leather Pants, and V-Neck Sweater Vest

Sweater vests! Another trend I can’t get over. I love that these things are back and so so stylish. I chose an oversized, sleeveless knit sweater vest in tan and layered a black bodysuit underneath. Add leather pants and combat boots next! Honestly, at this point the outfit is a little too geometric and masculine, so give it some girl power with gold jewelry

Leather Leggings and Cashmere Wrap

Y’all, why did no one tell me I could basically take a cashmere blanket and wear it like I am strutting down Paris fashion week? Ah! I love this look. Start with that black base, and then layer on browns for the outer layers. This gives the look depth and visually interesting contrast. The cashmere wrap can wrap around your shoulder all sorts of ways for a cozy fall look. 

Fringe Sweater with Leather Leggings

This fringe sweater has it all. It has an intricate knit fabric on a box frame. However, there is added fringe that creates movement and excitement. The leather leggings amplify the unique textures and make it look more expensive and luxurious. This sweater is bold enough, you can add more leather with a cute headband, some boots, and even a hat! 

Leather Collar and Leggings with Sweater

Are you asking, “Uh, how do I wear a collar?” And, y’all, just like this! I love the way it easily makes a sweater architectural and somehow romantic. Adding a pair of leather leggings makes it look like a set, which is sophisticated and chic! I added sneakers, but if you want to keep it upscale, definitely go for the heels. 

Faux Leather Leggings and Crop Sweatshirt

Everyone likes to take activewear and make it casual daywear. The only issue is, when you use sweats in your day-to-day life, it’s easy to make yourself look frumpy and unkempt. I would recommend taking an activewear piece like this crop sweatshirt and pairing it with leather leggings. It still looks natural and stylish, but you get the comfort of loungewear.  

Trenchcoat and Leather Pants

Here’s an easy look! Simply pair your favorite long trench coat with leather leggings. The heavy wool, faux fur, or thick cotton beautifully compliment leather pants. If you go the longer coat route, you’ll be able to see just a little leather poking through. It’s just the right amount of edge! But . . . if you need a little more, get some big, leather shoes. 

Leather pants are a great way to create bold, fashion-forward looks for any season. 
What to Wear with Leather Pants

See? Wearing leather pants isn’t scary! And, you can rock so many different styles with leather pants. It’s not all masculine and punk. There are plenty of looks on this list for you, regardless of your fashion sense. Let me know in the comments what look you’re going to try, and make sure to browse my blog for more style tips! I’m here to help you build the ultimate chic fall fits!