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How to Dress to Look Slim and Tall

When we get dressed in the morning, we want to feel good and look good. Feeling good means something different to everyone. Maybe it’s a certain style we’re into. Maybe it’s how comfy the clothes are. Or, maybe it’s how functional the outfit is. 

But, for an ensemble to look good? Usually, we all mean the same thing. As women, we want our outfits to make us look taller and slimmer! And while this may not be true for every woman out there, I know from experience that I feel so much more confident when I both look and feel good in my outfit.

So, no matter what your fashion sense or body type is, you can totally dress to look slimmer and taller. The best part? You can do it with things already in your closet and a few inexpensive additions. 

So, today, I’ve dedicated this post to making your outfit look as good as it feels! Let’s get into it. Here’s how to get that ideal hourglass figure using some simple styling techniques: 

How to Dress to Look Slim and Tall

Wear heels.

High heels obviously make you look taller since they give you a 1 in. to 6 in. boost. But, the way the position of the heel your body lifts your butt, flattens your stomach, and makes your legs and body look longer too! Heck yeah! 

Want high heels that do even more for your figure? Go for a pointed toe. The shaped toe makes your legs look longer, thinning you out and drawing an onlooker’s eyes up and down. Thus dear readers, creating the illusion of more height. 

If you want to understand more about how heels make you look slim, tall, and hot, check out this science-backed study. (That’s right, science says you look better in heels.) 

Scale your purse. 

Your purse affects your figure, seriously! A purse that’s too big for you could swallow you and a purse that’s too small could make you look like a giant. NO THANKS! The solution? You need to find a purse that’s the perfect medium size for your body type. 

Even more, once you have the right in-between-sized purse, make sure it hangs in the right place. You don’t want your handbag to land on the widest part of your body. Go for a shorter or longer length to keep the purse off your hips. This principle will minimize the wider parts of your body and accentuate the thinner parts. Yes, please!

Rock a v-neck.

V-necks and other long necklines draw the eye up and down to give you height. Additionally, the negative space breaks up your upper half, minimizing a larger frame. It’s a win-win! You can wear traditional v-necks or a button-up with the first few buttons left undone. Then, add a long necklace to elevate it and accentuate your height even more. Yes, ladies. Just, yes! 

Wear tops with 3/4 sleeves & a little volume. 

Big sleeves contrasted with a slim top exaggerate your slim figure. The voluminous sleeves combined with a form-fitting middle create some really flattering dimensions. LOVE! To make it even better, make those sleeves ¾ length or shorter, because believe it or not, this WILL make you look taller! Showing that extra skin will give you the illusion of height by better shaping your silhouette. 

Go monochrome. 

Monochrome is both trendy and flattering. When you wear all the same colors or shades of the same color, you create one line running from head to toe. This column of color makes you look tall and thin! 

Bonus tip: If you like a little dimension in your monochrome looks, find something with two-tone vertical stripes. The vertical lines will stretch your body and shape your figure. The same can NOT be said for horizontal stripes. 

Create flattering proportions

Looking taller and slimmer is all about creating flattering proportions. Ill-fitting or baggy clothes will throw off your figure. Instead, opt for high-waisted jeans or pants with a flared bottom. The extra width on the bottom will make your legs look thinner, and the high rise will make you look taller while stressing your waistline. That’s a win-win all wrapped up in one good pair of jeans!

For the rest of the outfit, look for crop tops. Or, at least, avoid shirts that are too long and stretch over your hips. Okay? Crop tops do a great job of highlighting your waist and making you look really slim, and cropped jackets will do the same thing. Baggy clothes just look, well, baggy. 

Oddly enough though, a long duster-style jacket will do great things for your figure too! The long length creates a straight vertical line from the bottom to the top, so you’ll naturally look taller.

Tuck it in. 

If you wear high-rise or regular-rise pants, tucking in your shirt is always a good idea. It makes sure your shirt is the right length every time and creates a very flattering midsection. Your top isn’t cut off to make you look short or stretched to make you look wide. With a tucked-in top, you’ll draw attention to your middle and actually feel good about it!

Clothes to Make You Look Slimmer and Taller

Nude Heels

Nude heels are the perfect thing to make you look taller and thinner! Not only do you get all the standard body benefits from rocking heels, but the nude color creates the illusion that your legs are even taller. 

And, to make it even better? Go for a pointed nude heel like this one. They’ll help to perfect your ideal figure!  

Cropped Tops and Jackets 

As I mentioned above, cropped tops and jackets work great to even out your proportions. They always make your waistline look thinner and they naturally lengthen your legs. 

You can see here how I styled a cropped sweater and cropped jacket with high-waisted shorts. My legs look super long and my waist is well-defined. Very flattering! 

Oh, and for this look, I combined the v-neck principle and the cropped jacket length. There’s lots of leg, a defined waist, and the perfect length/size handbag. Currently, I have it coordinated with sneakers, but you could easily opt for heels if you want it to be even more flattering.

High-Waisted Flare Pants

High-waisted flare pants are the best of both worlds! As I brought up earlier, the flare at the leg creates the illusion that the rest of your body is narrower than it is. Plus, the high waist will make your midsection look smaller and give you height. Perfect!

In this outfit, I combined the high-waisted flare jeans and a v-neck with the top few buttons left open. Peep the 3/4 sleeves AND pointed shoes, too. It’s the perfect slimming and thinning look. 

Waist Belt

A waist belt always creates the illusion of a thinner waist. If you’re wearing something without a lot of shape, this is especially true. Long-waisted people should go for a thicker belt. If you’re short-waisted, go for a thin one. And keep in mind, I am talking about torso height, not overall height!

If you’re not familiar, check out this funny TikTok to explain. But the point is: wear a belt, just choose the right one! Here’s an outfit for inspo!

Slip Dress

A slip dress is a perfect way to create that monochrome column of color we were talking about earlier. It stretches out your whole body to create a visual moment that’s totally show-stopping. If you’re a bit self-conscious about wearing one color, go for a dark color! 

Though a slip dress makes you look taller, it may not on its own make you look thinner. It really depends on your body type. So, to further shape your body, add a waist belt and heels! Both will help you form your hourglass shape. You can see how I assembled following these principles here

Make your body look slim and tall with these outfit tips!

If you want to make your ensemble look as good as it feels, try these slimming garments and use these outfit hacks. They’re sure to give you confidence and the proportions you want in your look! For more style tips and outfit inspo, check out my Insta and blog! I’ve got new looks for you daily. Yep, just for you!