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Fall Workout Outfits

Fall is upon us. And though I totally love this season, it’s a little hard to motivate myself to get up and get to the gym when it’s chilly outside. It’s so hard enough to know what to wear when it’s cold outside, especially when you know you’ll break a sweat once you get to the gym or studio. No one wants to be too cold or too hot!

Luckily, there are lots of athletic wear and outfits that are perfect for a fall workout. I’ve compiled a list of fall workout outfits that’ll hopefully inspire you to get out there, despite the temperature! Plus, there’s an outfit for each type of workout, whether it’s dance, pilates, yoga, running, or weight training. So, I’m sure you’ll find everything you need. Without further ado, here are my top 20 fall workout outfits:

Fall Workout Outfits

Tennis Outfit with Cropped Hoodie

Alo’s new tennis drop is AMAZING. I am literally obsessed. Specifically, I fell in love with the cinnamon color. So, for this look, I combined their pleated tennis skirt with the white halter bodysuit. I cannot think of an outfit less restrictive than this free-flowing ensemble! 

To keep you warm, grab the cropped hoodie! And, to accessorize and tie your whole outfit together, get their scrunchie and half-crew socks in the same, gorgeous cinnamon color. Your legs are bare, but a few rounds on the court and you’ll be glad you’ve got some space to breathe. 

High Rise Leggings, Ballcap, and Zip Up 

This look is for all you runners out there! These high-rise leggings are made of a special fabric that’s pretty lightweight for effortless movement, but thick enough to keep you warm. (And, thick enough to pass the squat test.) 

For the top half of the outfit, grab the strappy sports bra and this zip-up performance jacket. This gives you great coverage without getting too hot a mile into your workout. To finish the look, add the running cap, Cloud running shoes, and Lululemon’s fast and free belt bag. So cute and functional! 

Joggers and Yoga Tank

If you want to mix up your classic leggings look, joggers still offer great performance benefits, and they’re even a little cozier on those crisp mornings. To finish the look, throw on the adorable soft pink yoga top from Amazon. Add a pair of sneakers, and you’re ready to go! If it’s super chilly out, you could add a lightweight jacket for the trip to the studio. 

Twist Front Tank and High Waist Leggings

These high-waisted leggings sculpt your figure with light compression and super stretchy fabric. The leggings are also moisture and sweat-wicking, so don’t worry about running on a foggy or dewy morning. Go for it! To complete this look, add the twist-front tank and your favorite running shoes. If you need a jacket, a nylon zip-up would look super cute with this!

Supersoft Leggings, Cut-Off, and Zip-Up

Okay, y’all, I assembled this outfit just for fall. All the fabrics used are buttery soft—SO cozy for the season. If you run super hot, it might not be the right fit, but the set is still decently lightweight to keep you cool and give you free movement. 

The super soft leggings and crop top are the perfect combos, and when you add the soft workout zip-up, you’ve got a complete fall ensemble that’s flattering and functional. Finally, the Lululumen convertible tote and Cloud sneakers are the perfect finishing touches. 

Nylon Zip-Up and Animal Print Tank

Not every fall morning warrants full coverage. This activewear set includes my FAVE athletic shorts from Free People and a v-neck animal print tank. (Yes, this outfit is all me. It’s so cute.) To make it cool weather appropriate, add a light hooded jacket and some thick athletic socks. Now you’re ready to run, jump, or climb!

Shorts, Belt Bag, and Fleece Crop

Here’s another shorts outfit. With the shorts and crop top, layer on a fleece contour jacket and a running cap! To really make the look functional for your trip to the gym, try to grab a Lululemon Everywhere belt bag. I say “try,” because, y’all, these things sell out so fast when they restock. But, with good reason. My everywhere bag is one of my favorite daily essentials—whether it’s a day at the gym or a day of errands! 

Fleece Jogger Set and Denim Jacket

This fleece jogger set could be workwear or just casual wear. I love that, because if your workout isn’t too intense, you can just roll into your daily tasks without needing to stop and change. This fleece set features a collar cut-off perfect for layering. And, for outerwear, I used a denim jacket. Keeps you warm, but also elevates the outfit beyond workout wear. 

Long-Sleeved Ribbed Shirt and Tennis Skirt

Here’s another tennis outfit! Instead of a bulky jacket, use a long-sleeved yoga shirt. It hugs you tighter, so there’s less fabric to get in the way of your game! And, the crew socks will keep your ankles warm while you jump around the court. It’s the perfect fall tennis look!

Ribbed Leggings and Oversized T-Shirt

This outfit starts with ribbed Lululemon high-rise pants. The ribbed fabric is thick and comfortable, so they work even for more intense workouts. Instead of something form-fitting up top, opt for a Lululemon oversized tee. This outfit keeps you covered outside while staying breezy inside. You won’t get too hot or too cold with this look! Add some black sneakers and a ballcap and you’re ready for anything your personal trainer has in store!

Fuzzy Jacket, Leggings, and Sports Bra

These reptile-skinned leggings and sports bras are SO edgy. They’ll make you feel powerful and fierce as you power through your workout. And, the Nike Air Max sneakers definitely help with that as well. To make this work for cold weather, add a luxurious fuzzy coat. Unfortunately, the one I have in this post is sold out, but you can grab this one from Nordstrom!   

Dance Studio Cropped Pants and Sweater

These dance studio cropped pants are designed for lots of movement! Whether you have hip hop lessons, yoga, pilates, or a spin class, these pants will let you get the perfect workout. No restrictions! For this ensemble, add a Lululemon sweater. It keeps you warm, and the contrast of textures looks totally upscale and balanced. 

Bomber Jacket and Leggings

Bomber jackets are so fun for fall. They add just the right amount of structure and body when contrasted with the tight-fitting leggings. Plus, they keep the chill of the wind away without being too hot. And the best part? This one is water-resistant AND reversible. Super functional for multiple looks and seasons. For the rest of the look, you just need a tank, leggings, and a cute scrunchy. (Yep, scrunchy is required.) 

Front Twist Tank, Crocodile Skin Leggings, and Water-Repellent Jacket 

A front twist on a standard tank top always adds so much to an outfit! Combining this one with these totally urban crocodile skin leggings makes for a totally fabulous workout outfit. But, to warm it up a little (while keeping that edgy feel) add this Always Effortless jacket in black. I am obsessed with the collar and hood! Perfection.

Workout Set and Sneakers

Okay, let’s be real. If you like to work out early in the morning, you might be thinking, “Why the heck would I want to style all this while I am barely awake?” Girl, if that’s you, get workout sets like the one I linked! Sets make it super easy to assemble the perfect outfit, and there are plenty of long-sleeved options out there for the colder months. Then, sneakers are the only thing you have to think about! 

Flared Pants and Reversible Sweater

Let’s mix up the fit of our bottoms with these Groove flared pants! All the benefits of leggings, but with a little more space around the ankle. They come in a ton of colors, and they are made of super soft, breathable, and moisture-wicking fabrics. So cute! For your top half, just add this reversible crossover sweater. It has this asymmetrical cut bottom that can be worn on the front or back! I love it when a look can be lots of things, and this sweater is crazy versatile! 

High Rise Joggers and Funnel Hoodie 

I love joggers, because they really make you feel like you can move freely. And, the cuffs at the bottom keep everything in place while not allowing any cold air in. For this look, I recommend going for a tonal, monochrome look with the trench color of these Scuba high-rise joggers and this oversized funnel neck pullover in the same color! Monochrome is SO in right now and will immediately elevate your look. 

Muscle Crop Top and Print Leggings

I LOVE these jacquard copper leggings. These ones are cropped, so they go really well with this cropped muscle long-sleeved shirt! It cinches in your waist and makes you look taller. Of course, looking fabulous isn’t the only function of workout wear. This combo is sweat-wicking, abrasion-resistant, and quick-drying – all while feeling totally weightless and luxurious. Ultimate comfort, function, and fashion!

Ribbed Waist Jogger and Long Sleeve Race Shirt 

This outfit is for those of you that love to bike and run! This long-sleeved shirt provides a chaff-free slim fit with thumbholes and super lightweight fabric. I love the sleeve length because it’s good for the early part of the workout when you’re still a bit chilly, but it’s breathable enough you won’t be overheating by the end! 

For bottoms, grab these SenseKnit running tights! They have support for all the right parts of your legs for running while being breezy. Again, like the shirt it totally covers you, but it won’t make you hot. It’s the perfect outfit for those brisk morning runs! (If you’re not into running and still like the top, check out these ribbed waist cropped yoga pants. I am obsessed.)

Oversized Crew Neck and Neon Cropped Leggings

This pride crew neck has tons of fun color and a design I just can’t get over. Super urban. Super modern. Anyway, I wanted to add something to this list that had a little flare, and I thought this oversized graphic crewneck was perfect for that—especially for cold weather! For bottoms, go neon with these high-rise leggings. I recommend choosing the cropped length to contrast the bulkiness of the crewneck. So flattering and fun!

These fall workout outfits will keep you covered outside while keeping you cool inside!

Fall Workout Outfits

When choosing fall workout clothes, you really have to consider your comfort in two different environments and temperatures. That’s not normally how styling your outfits for the day works! (Unless you’re in that transnational period between seasons). So, finding the right coverage with your fall workout outfits can be really challenging! 

All in all, I hope this list helped you build your fall workout wardrobe AND that it motivates you to get a good workout in. A good workout outfit can be super motivating, especially in those gym mirrors. Let me know your favorite workout pieces below and check back weekly for more fashion tips!