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What to Wear with Gold Jewelry

Gold jewelry is totally timeless. Women have been adorning themselves with gold necklaces, earrings, rings, and bracelets for literally THOUSANDS of years. No trend has stood the test of time like gold jewelry. This is because it’s naturally elegant and luxurious. It can work with any type of outfit. And, you can get gold jewelry at any price point.  It’s accessible, high-end, and always chic. However, styling gold jewelry can be a little intimidating. With the wrong strategy, gold jewelry can look old-fashioned, gaudy, and even cheap. So, today, my post is all about what to wear with gold jewelry. I’ve got all the tips and tricks to make your look WORK. Here we go: 

What to Wear with Gold Jewelry 

Gold Jewelry Styling Tips

Remember, gold can do anything. 

Wearing gold jewelry doesn’t automatically mean you’re rocking evening wear or business attire. No way. Gold jewelry can look good with everyday wear to formal wear. It’s all about the size and selection of the pieces, but know that almost any type of look can benefit from some gold accessorizing. 

Don’t overdo it. 

Decide what your focal point is going to be. Is it a statement necklace? Dangling earrings? A glitzy cuff? Ladies, you do not need it all! Decide what piece is really going to sing with your outfit, and let everything else support that item. Drawing attention to too many areas of the body is just distracting and sends the look off balance.

Plus, not every outfit demands a lot. A hulking gold necklace with a million little crystals hanging from it would not compliment athletic wear, but a tennis bracelet might! And, if you’re already wearing something really bold, even a little avant-garde, hoop earrings are more than sufficient for jazzing up the outfit. See how much you can do with a little? A lot! 

Layer multiple weights and styles.

Don’t be afraid to wear multiple pieces of gold jewelry. This can create a really playful look or a really glamorous look depending on the pieces you choose. Just make sure that you’re layering multiple weights and styles. You don’t want too much of the same thickness and style crowded together. It’ll look less natural that way. Keep it fresh by layering multiple types of gold jewelry. 

Invest in quality pieces. 

Gold can look cheap. Inexpensive, low-quality materials can really make your jewelry look plastic and costume-y. Now, y’all, I am not suggesting you buy exclusively solid gold jewelry. No way. But, you should prioritize reputable jewelry brands for your gold accessories. This will confirm your jewelry is looking top-notch for years to come. 

And, longevity is more important with gold jewelry than it is with a lot of other clothing pieces. Gold never goes out of style, so you want your accessories to stand the tests of time and wear. Get fine jewelry or high-quality fashion jewelry any time you’re buying gold pieces. 

Mix metals and try different colors. 

I know your grandmother might have told you differently, but you can totally mix different metals! Sterling silver and gold? Go for it! And, what about all the shades of gold? Don’t think yellow gold is the only way. 

Rose gold and white gold are not only just as stylish, but they may compliment your skin tone better! And, you can always mix those up too. It’ll give your look more dimension and magnitude. 

Match your neckline and necklace. 

Okay, this isn’t a hard and fast rule, but if you’re overwhelmed, this is a good way to start using gold jewelry. If you’re wearing gold necklaces and struggling to make them feel and fit right, match the neckline and necklace. 

If it’s a v-neck shirt or blouse, grab a pendant necklace that stretches to a V. Similarly, if it’s a scoop neck sweater dress, get a round-shaped necklace. You get the idea. This will always give you a balanced and cohesive look that’s not forced! 

Think about the hard and soft textures.

Your gold jewelry is the “hard” part of your outfit. Your other textiles are hard and soft depending on the textile. A structured leather jacket would be “hard” whereas a knit would be “soft.” So, if your outfit already has a ton of hard, consider going easier on the jewelry. However, if your look is so soft it’s starting to look frumpy, some gold accessories might be just what you need. It’s all about balance! 

Colors that Go with Gold Jewelry

  • Jewel Tones
  • Black and White
  • Metallics
  • Warm Earth Tones
  • Cool Pastels 

What to Wear with Gold Jewelry: Outfit Ideas

The emerald mini dress is the perfect base for gold jewelry. Jewel tones always demand some gold accessories to really make them sing. For this look, I chose a chunky chain link necklace, because the drapey and poofy emerald dress is really soft, so the big gold necklace evens it out. 

The neckline and necklace match, which really works, and since the necklace is a focal point, you don’t need much else. However, you could do small hoops or studs. Even a thin bracelet would be fine, but let the statement jewelry talk. And, to finish the look, use dotted tights and structured ankle boots. The geometry of the boots really helps tie in all the hard and soft elements. 

Blazer and Twill Skinnies with Layered Necklaces

This workwear look is all warm neutrals with black twill bottoms. It’s cute and chic as is with the trendy oversized blazer, but the accessories really refine it for a business setting. A neutral pouch bag and woven block sandal give some structure to the piece, but the layered necklaces polish it all off. 

The double necklaces feature two different pendant looks with opposite weights and styles. The inner necklace is a pearl with a gold pendant. The outer necklace is gold with a pearl pendant. Seriously, this accessory is one of the most versatile on the list. You can rock it effortlessly with SO many looks. 

Cool Pastel Cardigan and Pleated Pants with Layered Necklaces

How about dressing up in cool pastels with gold? Light blues, purples, and greens make gold jewelry pop. So, for this look, I’ve got this really unique cardigan and pleated pants look that’s a trendy monochrome baby blue. Under is a white tassel shirt and pointed loafers.

Now, this could go old lady real fast, but with the rich accessories, it goes from “Murder She Wrote” to chic in a cinch. The 3-piece etched necklace set and the gold chained shoulder bag modernize the look and balance out the soft textures. 

Sweater Vest and Leather Pants with Layered Necklaces

Let’s go more casual, shall we? For this look, you need leather pants, a black bodysuit, and a sweater vest. Right away, the outfit demands a necklace, right? Because there is this negative space between the turtleneck bodysuit and the v-neck sweater vest. So, put some gold in there! 

Layer your necklaces for this look by grabbing a piece that matches each neckline. One that scoops and one that Vs. In this example, I used two gold pieces, but you could easily mix metals since the look is already mixing browns and blacks for an ultra-chic effect. Beautiful! 

Warm Neutral Lola Dress with Boots and Jeweled Necklace

This look is all neutral with the brown boots and drapey Lola dress. It’s really cute, but to make monochrome really work, you need more variation in texture. The boots vs. the dress go a long way, but to finish it up and add a tiny peek of color, layer up some necklaces. Use this Isabel Marant stone and these Madewell layered necklaces for the perfect look. 

Drop Waist T-shirt Dress with a Split Gold and Pearl Necklace and Feather Cuff 

Y’all, this outfit is fierce! It’s also youthful and cute . . . and you can wear it with sneakers. So, what’s not to love? Anyway, grab one of these black dresses and the knotted headband. Then, layer up the necklaces! 

I love the heart pendant, because, again, it’s really chic and youthful. But, my favorite jewelry piece is that half pearl/half gold necklace. Ultra-modern and super versatile. And, don’t forget to add this feather cuff I just found. It would have been the perfect finishing touch to this LBD look! 

White Fleece Set with Denim Jacket and Pendant Necklace and Mixed Metal Rings 

So, I’ve talked about how gold jewelry can really dress up any piece. Well, this is a perfect example. This fleece jogger set is totally casual loungewear at its core, but with a little styling, it becomes a totally chic out-and-about look.

Add a denim jacket and leather hat for some hard texture and structure, and finish it all off with a gold initial pendant necklace and a mixed metal ring set. The silver and gold ring totally works with this white fleece set! 

Tala Knit Dress and Cleopatra Necklace

This tala dress is perfect for the season. Not only is it a layerable knit fabric, but it also creates the illusion of separates, which is really flattering on anyone’s figure. Underneath this dress, I have a black turtleneck bodysuit and tights

For accessories, I’ve got tall boots for more coverage and a super geometric handbag to add structure to all the loose-fitting pieces. To further sharpen the look, add this cleopatra necklace that matches the buttons of the dress. So cute!  

Gold jewelry is timeless, chic, and always worth your money and the extra styling time! 

If you want to elevate a look, add gold jewelry. It never fails to spice up an outfit and make it look polished and complete. Use these looks as inspiration and don’t be afraid to purchase high-quality pieces. It’s not like next season someone will be saying, “That gold necklace is totally out!” Because gold is always in. It’s always ready to be paired with your look—even on casual days! 

How do you style gold jewelry? Let me know in the comments, and don’t forget to follow me on Instagram and check out my blog for tons more style tips. I have what you need to know about all the latest fashion trends all in one place. Let’s make the world more fashionable and lutzurious one outfit at a time!