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Happy 1 Week, yall! How’s everyone feeling? Now that we have made it through Whole30 week 1, I wanted to check in and update everyone, provide exactly what we ate all week, and make sure you have my comprehensive shopping list. This week, I actually felt pretty good. My energy levels were increased, and I felt elated most of the week. Since I stopped breastfeeding in June, my hormones have taken awhile to get back to normal, so I have definitely felt some “low” moments aka baby blues at times. This week was different and full of highs! YAY!

Side effects: Nothing really too significant to report, except for a stomach ache for a couple of days and some of the most VIVID dreams I have ever experienced. The dreams abruptly awoke me and made it very difficult to go back to sleep. Took me back to my pregnancy days, that’s for sure. In this post, I will provide additional resources, my meal plan, and Lindsey’s Recipe of the Week: Whole30 Approved Cauliflower Soup.


After typing out my meal plan, I quickly realized repetition is not a big deal to me, clearly. I LOVE food and typically eat pretty large portions. Convenience is also an absolute key for me, so I have no problem eating the same thing multiple days in a row. If you are not able to do this, I urge you to create your meal plan BEFORE the week starts. We create a basic plan on Sundays, and that typically gets us through the entire week.

This week was a little different because of the snow day, so we had to get creative. We were stuck in the house for 2 days and pretty much had to live off leftovers and whatever was in our fridge. Speaking of…cabin fever is kicking in. I just heard that Birmingham City Schools are closed tomorrow. If Asher’s school doesn’t open, I am really not sure what I will do. #needsomemetime

Remember guys…PROGRESS OVER PERFECTION. That is our motto. Stick to your plan, but if you mess up, don’t quit. Keep going! We are here to support you!



Breakfast: 2 eggs (shop my silicone egg cups in the WHOLE30 MUST HAVES section at the end), half an avocado, small handful blueberries
Lunch: Chicken wings and slaw
Snack: none
Dinner: Cauliflower Soup (scroll down for recipe), quail, salad, and slaw


Breakfast: 2 eggs, half an avocado, small handful blueberries
Lunch: Leftovers from the night before…chicken wings and slaw
Snack: RX Bar
Dinner: Quail, salad, and slaw (Would you guys be interested in this slaw recipe? It is DELISH and EASY.)


Breakfast: 2 eggs, half an avocado, small handful blueberries, black coffee
Lunch: 2 packets of tuna seasoned with mustard, Paleo mayo, salt and pepper over a bed of lettuce
Snack: RX Bar
Dinner: Leftover wings, cauliflower soup, salad


Breakfast: 2 eggs, half an avocado, black coffee
Lunch: Cauliflower soup and tuna
Snack: RX Bar
Dinner: 4 ounces grass fed, local skirt steak, sweet potato, salad


Breakfast: 2 eggs, half an avocado, a few strawberries, black coffee
Lunch: Leftover steak and kimchi
Snack: cucumbers with salt and pepper
Dinner: Leftover steak and sweet potato


Breakfast: 2 eggs, 2 pieces of bacon, black coffee
Lunch: Local, grassfed burger (no bun) with local lettuce and onion served over sweet potato spaghetti
Snack: none
Dinner: Leftover lunch…see above


I posted this in my Intro to Whole30 post last week, but I wanted to make sure you have it if you are just now joining me.

whole30 week 1 update | whole30 food list

LINDSEY’S RECIPE OF THE WEEK: Whole30 Approved Cauliflower Soup



You guys are doing an AMAZING job! I urge you to keep going! I have absolutely loved reading your comments, success stories, and recipe ideas. If you are not part of the Life Lutzurious Facebook group, I urge you to join. Other resources:

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Let’s keep it up!! Stay in touch, and remember, if you fall off the wagon, just start over at the next meal. Progress over perfection, ALWAYS. Lastly, don’t forget to check out my Edgy, Loose Waves Hair Tutorial on the blog!!!! Many of you have been asking, ok begging, for this, and I FINALLY got it done. Let me know what you think. Love you guys and am so proud of each of you!


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