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Holden’s Birthday Party: Pokemon Chic

I love sharing all of the fashion things with you but a goal of mine is to start sharing more ‘Mom Life’ type content, SO I thought what better way to start than with a post on Holden’s birthday party!! Now, as someone who loves aesthetics, kids’ birthday parties can be tough because (let’s be honest) most things the kids request are not necessarily matching the vibe LOL. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that but when Holden said he wanted a Pokemon birthday party, I started brainstorming ways I could bring in everything Pokemon that he loves while still adding a chic element to it. Enter… the Pokemon Chic birthday theme!

This was surprisingly easier than I initially expected since Pokemon is super colorful so I just had to focus on matching that while bringing in neutral elements to balance everything out. Of course, we rented a jump house for the kids (which they LOVED) and I did a lot of Pokemon party favors and toys that the kids had fun playing with throughout the party.

If your kiddo loves Pokemon and planning a Pokemon party might be on your to-do list soon, I’m laying out everything I used to put together this party plus sharing a few of my tips in today’s post! Even if the party theme is different than Pokemon, hopefully, this post can be helpful in showing you how to mix things the kids will love with a touch of chicness.

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When planning a kid’s party (or any party in general really) I think it’s essential to have a photo backdrop. This is an area that will immediately draw the eye when guests walk in, and of course, be the ideal spot for photos! We went big for our photo backdrop with balloons and this silver shimmer wall.

Next was putting together the tablescape. Now if you’re having adults at the party I’d recommend putting together two tables if you can – one for the kids and one for the adults. For the kiddos, keep it fun and simple. They’ll probably be taking bites and running back to the jump house or other games over and over anyways! The adult’s table is where you can add a little more mature decor and do the full setup. I used colorful striped plates in small and large sizes and had to include the matching cups. Of course, the Pokemon element was brought into the tables with these Pokemon figurines to add throughout the tablescape and I even added some temporary tattoos to the kid’s table. For dessert, I stuck to a silver theme to match the photo backdrop and used silver paper plates, cups, and napkins.

I had a ton of other fun Pokemon things for the kids to play with throughout the party like these Pokemon masks, Pikachu PEZ, and these Pokemon boxes that the kids could put all of their party favors in when they headed out. I felt like it was the perfect balance between Pokemon and non-Pokemon things which made the theme work. Pro tip: if you want to keep it chic, don’t make everything themed merch. Find a good mix and focus more on themed toys and activities because that’s what the kids will pay attention to most anyways.

Happy party planning!