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As I write this, I am staring at the most precious, joyful 7 month old…yes, you read that correctly.  Asher-man is 7 months old today!  I am sorry I have not updated you all in literally months, but hopefully, you have seen his updates on Insta.  This kid, y’all.  He is such an amazing little dude!  Not only is he super chill, but he loves to sleep and cuddle…and he is SUCH an affectionate little boy.  I fall more and more in love with him everyday and am beyond thankful to be his mom.  Honestly, I am still trying to wrap my arms around how I got so lucky.  He has changed SO much over the past few months!  And I feel like he went from baby to kid overnight.  Those cheeks, those eyes, those lips…OH MY.  Hashtag ladies man.  I swear, everyday he gets a little bit cuter.  However, there was a week where we thought for sure all of his beautiful black hair was going to fall out.  But sure enough, as it fell out, his new hair grew in.  We dodged a bullet!  His hair is one of his trademarks!  Asher had the chance to do a little modeling (#bluesteel) a few weeks ago, so these are the pictures from that shoot.  Aren’t they adorable??

Pictures by Bell Eddins Photography





Cuddling | Kissing | Hugging.  SCORE!  I LOVE to cuddle, so I am thankful he got that trait from me.  He is SO SO SO affectionate.  It’s just the sweetest thing in the world when he reaches his arms to give you a hug.  Once he is embraced, he gives the sweetest smile.

MILK. Yep, he is STILL a milk monster aka gremlin baby.  BUT, we are starting to see that he may be loving food more than momma’s milk (more on that later).  I exclusively breastfed until about 2 weeks ago.  I am still primarily breastfeeding, but I am supplementing 1 bottle per day to keep up with his demand.  Pumping while traveling…yall, that’s whole different ballgame.  It has been tough but so worth it.  My goal is to make it 9 months…we are just taking it day by day at this point.

Bathtime. YAY, he finally loves baths!!

Sophie the Giraffe. And anything else he can chew on.  I don’t know what they lace these giraffes with but like every other kid in America, he’s obsessed.  Hashtag why didn’t I think of that.

Sucking his thumb.  And his big toe.  The kid never really took to a paci, but lawd, he will suck his thumb with the best of them. And now his sucks his big toe.  It’s hilarious.

SLEEP. Praise the LORD!  The kid is down by 7 pm, and we usually wake him up around 6:30 or 7 in the morning.  He is absolutely precious in the morning.  Millions of smiles.  Ryan and I race each other into his room to wake him, because he is literally so cute.  He is not a huge napper, but when he is tired, the kid can and will sleep anywhere.

Parents. Asher is really into Ryan and me right now.  He loves when both parents are around and will look everywhere if he can’t find us. Of course, this makes it EVEN harder to leave him, but I am loving his love for all things mom.

FOOD. It’s safe to say Mini is a foodie in training.  He started eating real food on his 6 month birthday and has been a gremlin from day 1.  Literally grabbed the spoon out of my hand and put it in his mouth.  We are doing a mix of homemade purees and baby led weaning.  His favs are purple, orange, and white sweet potatoes; carrots; avocado; bananas; and apples.  We try to focus on organic, local veggies.

Going out to lunch/dinner with Mom and Dad.  He is such a doll when we take him out with us.  I know what you are thinking…this is going to change any day now.  But we are enjoying it as long as we can.

School.  Asher-man LOVES his school and his teachers, and I am beyond thankful.  Leaving him each week to travel is hard, but I feel so great knowing he has such an awesome support system while I am out.

The ladies. Y’all, I can’t even.  He is such. a. flirt.

JOOVY.  If you don’t own one of these, wow, I highly recommend it.  He now runs all over the house in this thing.  And it’s great for learning how to eat…it has a huge tray to hold food or toys or whatever.

Talking.  I sure wish we spoke “Asher,” so we knew what he was saying.

LIFE + FAVORITE PEOPLE.  Asher is such a happy, chill baby.  His joy and loving personality are so infectious.  You could be having the worst day, and his laugh makes everything better.  His smile lights up the room, and his hugs will change your life.  He hysterically laughs when you sing to him, kiss his face, play peek-a-boo, and blow on his tummy.  So thankful that he has such a love for life and everyone he holds dear to him.  He adores his parents, his grandparents, his teachers, his girlfriends, and his friends.  And his milk of course!


Missing out.  Yep, unfortunately, he got this from me.  He absolutely HATES missing out and will do anything to be part of the action.  He will be so smiley and happy, but if you try to do something without him, he immediately purses those lips and stares you down.

ZUCCHINI. Ha, he despised it.  But when I tasted it, I totes agreed with him.  It was SO bland without seasoning.  So, in the next few weeks, I am going to make him some zoodles with garlic and pepper, which is one of my favs.

Being tired or hungry.  These are really the only 2 times he cries.  He has been on a great schedule since he was about 4 weeks old.  So if it’s time to eat or sleep, you are going to hear about it.  Oh, and another thing…do NOT wake the kid up.  He will meltdown like there is no tomorrow.


Since, I have not updated y’all in awhile, these are things he has started doing since the last update.

Sits up.  He sits very well and has the best posture!

Rolling over both ways. Asher rolled over for the first time when he was less than a month old.  But now, he rolls all over the place.  To the left, to the right, backwards, forwards, you name it.  He’s a mad man.

Recognizes his name.  And all of his nicknames.  He responds to Asher, Mini, Prince, Main Man…you name it.

Smiles + Laughs on demand.  THE BEST!

Walks in his Joovy.  Y’all the kid runs all around the house in this thing.

Hugs + Kisses. As I mentioned above, when he reaches out to hug you, it will make you MELT.

Stands up.  He can pull himself up but can’t stand very long.

Holds his own bottle.  When he started doing this a couple of months ago, it was a game changer.

Eats real food.

Creeps towards something he wants (SO close to crawling).  He is a determined little dude.

Recognizes people. And acts differently to those he doesn’t know very well.

Seeks attention. If he’s not getting what he wants, he purses those lips and gives you the look.

“Talks.”  You can definitely tell he is communicating, especially when we ask him a question.

ASHER’S STATS (6 months)

LENGTH: 27 inches

WEIGHT: 16.2 lbs (yall, I bet it is WAY more than that now)

HEAD: 17 inches

SIZE: 6-12 months





Main Man

Main Mini

Love Lump




Angel Baby


French Baby (We call him our little French Baby, because he is so well-behaved)


Hux Baby


Beau Hudson (the CUTEST skinny jeans, party cardies, and beanies)

Mini Rodini


Freshly Picked

Rags to Raches

Mati Mati Baby

Row 10 (shop)

Apple and the Tree (shop)

I Love Kool (shop)

COMOTOMO bottles (the BEST)


Bloom Baby Highchair (could NOT live without this)

Nuna Leaf (game changer and SO stylish)

Franck and Fischer toys

Sophie the Giraffe

Sorry I have not updated y’all since his 3-month update (you can find it HERE).  Life has been a little crazy!  I went back to work in December and started traveling in January.  It has definitely been an adjustment, but we have an AMAZING support system.  It is so hard leaving him each week, but it is getting easier.  I explain a lot about Asher being my “why” in this post, WORK IT GIRL.  Hopefully, that will give you a little glimpse into why I do what I do.  Our time together is so precious…it’s almost like Asher realizes that, because he really is such an easy baby.  We have an absolute BLAST together.  His love and affection for everyone around him is what makes him so amazing.  He really is a special kid (I know, I know…all moms say this).  I hope you all enjoyed the update and some of my FAV pictures of him!!

Make sure you follow us on Instagram @asherlutz + @lifelutzurious.  Also, I’ll be tagging his “looks” with #lutzlooks, so follow along there as well.  I will post to the blog, IG, Facebook, and Twitter.  Hopefully, I won’t wait 4 months for the next update.  Stay tuned for more #lutzlooks!


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