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3 Foolproof Outfit Ideas for Summer Concerts

In case you missed it, we headed over to Napa during Memorial Day Weekend for the BottleRock festival (more on that and my travel guide here). While at the festival, it got me thinking about how summer is THE time for concerts- I know I have a lot of friends with concerts planned throughout the next few weeks and I’m searching for tickets myself! It’s such a fun activity and regardless if you’ve had a concert planned for months or if you’re snagging some last-minute tickets, concert fashion tends to be so exciting to put together.

To give you a little inspiration for your looks, I’m sharing 3 foolproof outfit ideas for summer concerts so you’re covered for your upcoming musical events! I always love to spice up my concert outfits from something I’d wear every day, and this year I incorporated a lot of sparkles, metallic, texture, and fun accessories. Keep reading for my 3 outfit ideas and make sure to share some of your favorite concert style in the comments!

Mini Dress and Cowboy Boots

You really can’t go wrong with any dress and boots combo, but I made my look a little more fun by wearing this crystal mini dress and cowboy boots (similar boots here and here). Take a look you’re comfortable in and wear frequently, but add elements that are a little more exciting, like crystals, to build the foundation of your outfit. I knew that a mini dress and boots is one of my go-tos so I started with that and added from there to create an overall style I was super happy with (and that felt like me)! Here’s everything I wore:

My Sister-in-Law’s Look

Cargo Pants and Mesh Top

This look was the perfect mix of comfy and stylish! If you want to put together a comfortable look without sacrificing style, make an element of your outfit practical. For me, I wore these cargo pants and Gucci clogs which were SO comfortable to walk around and dance in, but then paired them with this sparkly mesh top and shimmer bralette. The combination of the two- practical and FUN, allowed me to still accomplish the overall look I wanted but feel comfy and enjoy my time at the concert (no pulling and adjusting here!). An easy way to do this is by wearing comfortable shoes or even undergarments can make a huge difference! Here’s everything I wore:

Sparkles and Fringe

If you really want to go all out, I’m obsessed with sparkles and fringe for concert season! This would especially be cute for a pop (or even country) concert, but really, it works for anything. There are so many different ways to do this, but as I mentioned above, I started with a foundation I really like, a mini dress and boots, and built my outfit from there. Since I was going all out for this look, I went with this sparkly tunic. It worked as a mini dress for me, but if you’re on the taller side, I’d recommend adding a pair of shorts underneath! I also added these fringe boots which were SO cute since the fringe swished around when I walked. These boots would make a statement with any outfit! To carry my essentials, I carried this sling bag which was a lifesaver throughout the entire festival. It was totally out of the way, and I was hands-free, but it added to my outfit which is always a plus. A great concert bag for its small size, too! Here’s everything I wore: