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Father’s Day Gift Guide

Father’s Day is around the corner and if you’re at a loss for what to snag for your dad or hubby (from the kiddos) I’ve got you covered ladies! Let’s be honest, shopping for the men in your life can be tricky, especially if they’re the type to tell you they don’t need anything… I know a lot of us have been there! To make our lives a little easier, I put together this Father’s Day Gift Guide with gifts for any dad at a ton of different budgets. Whether you’re spoiling him this year or just grabbing something small, there is something for everyone in here. I also included a ton of different items from Amazon so if you’re short on time these gifts will get to your ASAP. Keep reading for your guide to Father’s Day shopping!

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These gifts are more “outdoorsy” and are perfect for the dad who is by the grill or hanging out outside frequently! What I love about them is that, of course, they’re great gifts, but are also super functional and are things that he’ll actually use and love.

Cast-Iron BBQ Shrimp Pan: If he likes to barbeque, this shrimp pan is a cool way to grill shrimp and ensures that every piece will come out perfect!

Cast-Iron BBQ Oyster Pan: If he’s an oyster lover, this pan is perfect to make grilled oysters. Combine it with the shrimp pan for the ultimate BBQ seafood gift!

Cooler Backpack: This backpack would be perfect for beach or lake days since it’s easy to carry and keeps food and drinks cold. Super affordable, too!

Meat Smoker: Another BBQ-related gift- I know smokers are all the rage right now and this one is a budget-friendly way he can try it out.

Brumate Cooler: Upgrade his cooler situation with this Brutank! It comes with a large drink tank and built-in tap so he can add his favorite drink inside & grab easy refills.

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If you’re looking to grab him a new piece of clothing or elevate his accessories, these gifts are for you! I also included a few home things that are fun, unique, and super useful.

Linen Button-Up: I love linen for summer and this shirt is so classic. He’ll stay comfortable in the summer heat and it’s perfect for any occasion!

Shave Essentials: Jack Black is a nice men’s skincare brand and this set has all of the shave essentials he needs for $30! It comes with a glycolic facial cleanser, shave lather, and face moisturizer.

Lululemon Duffle Bag: Upgrade his gym bag with this duffle from Lulu! This bag would also be a great travel bag for short trips.

GOLF Book: If he’s a big golfer, this golf book is filled with a comprehensive look at the most spectacular golf courses across the world and is bound in leather! Would look so nice in his office or on a coffee table.

Oura Ring: This ring is the newest must-have tech as it gives you a ton of different health information yet looks like a chic ring. Think Apple Watch but smaller. He’ll get information like his sleep score, heart rate, activity levels and goals, readiness score, and more!

Crosley Record Player: Grab his favorite artist on vinyl and pair it with this record player that also has Bluetooth connectivity! Psstt… this is under $60, a steal!

Lulu ABC Pull-On Pant: I love these pants for men as they look like an everyday pant but feel like sweats! He’ll be wearing these on repeat.

Lulu ABC Joggers: If joggers are more his style, this pair is super high-quality and comes in a ton of colors.