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The Kitchen Items I Can’t Live Without

I love to cook and with the new year here I feel more motivated than ever to whip up some healthy meals and try out new recipes! With the business of the holiday season, it became too easy to get a little inconsistent, but I am back on my cooking routine for myself and the fam. Over the years I’ve tried lots of different cooking products and kitchen items and ultimately have found some winners. Some items I use every single day, and some items I use for special meals, but regardless of how often they’re used, these items are things that are a MUST in my kitchen!

If you’re getting back into cooking, just starting out, or just want to add a few upgrades to your kitchen this year, I’ve got you ladies covered! I put together all of my most-used kitchen items, the things I truly can’t live (or cook) without, in today’s blog post. I think it’s so important to invest in high-quality kitchen items that will perform well and last year after year, and these items all do the trick. From my go-to cookbooks to a mixing bowl set, you’ll find a bit of everything here. Keep reading for all of my favorites and stay tuned for yummy and healthy recipes coming soon to the blog!

The Defined Dish and Dinner Tonight Cookbooks: I’ve used many cookbooks but I always come back to these by Alex Snodgrass! You’ll find so many healthy recipes that are DELISH and made with good-for-you ingredients.

Cut-Resistant Gloves: If you’re a little iffy about chopping and using sharp knives, these gloves are a lifesaver. Completely cut-resistant, not bulky, and under $20.

Kitchen Essentials Set: Ditch the random kitchen gadgets and invest in a quality set like this stainless-steel set from All Clad. They will last forever!

Stemless Wine Glasses Set: I always like to have a little wine while I cook and these stemless glasses are my favorite.

Measuring Cups: These measuring cups are super sturdy and so easy to clean. Made of stainless steel and under $50, you can’t go wrong with these!

Skillet Grill: I use this skillet grill more than I thought I would to cook different meats- no barbecue needed!

Cookware Set: If you need a new cookware set this year, this one is my all-time favorite. It’s completely non-stick and made with non-toxic materials that won’t seep into your food.

Vitamix Blender: This blender is an investment but when I say it’s the best blender I’ve ever used… I mean it! It’s so powerful and made with smart technology to adjust program settings based on what container size you’ve chosen.

Mixing Bowl Set: Once I got rid of all of my random mixing bowls and purchased this set, it freed up so much of my storage space! This set comes with all of the sizes you need and is nice and sturdy.

Dutch Oven: A Dutch oven is one of those pieces that you don’t realize how much you can use until you own one. And you can’t go wrong with Le Creuset.

Slicer: Make slicing veggies, fruits, and more a breeze with this slicer that will cut down your chop time (no pun intended).

Bakeware Set: For all of my bakers out there, this set is the best! Similarly to the cookware set, it’s made with non-toxic materials for safe baking.

Kitchen Tweezers: Ever need to get something out of your food while cooking or delicately place an item? These under $10 kitchen tweezers are about to be your new best friend.