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15 Outfit Ideas for Rainy Days

Rainy days and Mondays might get you down, but dressing in a cute outfit is the perfect way to pick you back up. Your ensemble for the day doesn’t need to be ruined by a little weather. Instead, style your outfit FOR the weather! There are so many outfits you could wear on a rainy day! So, today, I am sharing a roundup of cute outfit ideas for rainy days that will help keep you dry and rejuvenate your spirits. Here they are:

15 Outfit Ideas for Rainy Days 

Denim Jumpsuit and Red Trench Coat

First up, we have some cute street style! This denim jumpsuit will give you coverage for the rainy weather without soaking up the moisture. When paired with the white combat boots, the pant legs don’t drag. So, no dripping wet jeans when you get to your destination! 

To really amplify this outfit and make it totally rainy-weather appropriate, grab this red belted trench coat. The color is striking and SO cute with the denim. The a-line coat is also super flattering! I can’t get enough of this adorable rainy-day look. 

Paperbag Pants and Denim Jacket with Fedora

For this look, I chose paper bag pants in a jogger style for a couple of reasons. One, the high waist and belt contrast with a normal-length jacket, which shapes your body beautifully. Second, the cinched ankle prevents dragging on the wet ground or splashing into your pant legs.

Pair these pants with a white top and denim jacket for a super simple and chic look. But, don’t stop there. Finish the outfit with a wool fedora that’ll keep your hair dry and complement your ensemble. I love this Janessa Leone Brynn hat in honey but browse her whole site. She’s my absolute favorite hat designer! 

Faux Leather Blazer with Bodysuit and Skinny Jeans

This dramatic look will make it look like you were made for the rain! Start with black skinny jeans (again, no flare jeans that’ll drag) and add a white bodysuit as your base. Then, layer overtop this faux leather blazer with a shiny metallic finish. It’ll totally amplify your edgy look. Plus, it’ll protect you from the rain. Complete the look with the matching faux leather headband and swap the sneakers out for some dynamic white rain boots

Leather Jeans and Sweater Vest with Combat Boots

For this next ensemble, you’ll need leather jeans with a black long sleeve bodysuit. This first layer will be warm and comfortable! Then, over the bodysuit, put on a sweater vest (totally back in style). The combo of brown and black is striking, modern, and totally chic. Especially with the addition of some gold jewelry. LOVE IT. 

Anyway, to make it appropriate for the rainy weather, grab some chunky combat boots. They’ll keep your feet dry, and pull attention from your cute top and accessories. This will draw the eye up and down, evening out your figure and giving you an all-around put-together look. 

But that’s not all! We still need a barrier from the rain. So, grab the Bailey Moto Jacket. The faux fur and leather create interesting texture variety and tie in your bottoms. This look is complex, cute, and totally chic. 

Leggings, Faux Fur Coat, and Leather Baseball Cap

Next up, we have workout wear that’s super simple to style! If you’re headed to the gym and the rain is coming down, grab a luxurious fur coat and this leather ball cap. Both are super versatile, and will instantly create a fashion-forward look. The Rag & Bone sneakers are a good choice too! They’ll keep you dry on your way to the gym, but they’re still practical for your workout. This outfit is super glam while staying discreetly casual. Perfection!

Black Bodysuit and Leggings with Knit Wrap 

This outfit could be date night, streetwear, or even workwear! Really, it can be whatever you want it to be. Start with a skin-tight base – a black long-sleeved turtleneck and black leggings. Then, add a timeless beret that effortlessly adds style while keeping your head dry. Finally, complete the rainy day look with black boots and a knit wrap

I love the wrap idea, because it can go over your shoulders to keep you dry outside, but can turn into a scarf, headwrap, skirt, top, or whatever once you get inside! It’s super versatile. On a really cool day, it could even lay over your lap in the office as a blanket. It’s a great companion to any rainy day. 

Tie Dye Hoodie, Fleece Leggings, and Rain Cape

Here’s a casual chic look that has a lot of rainy-day applications! This one is particularly useful on those fall or winter rainy days that are super cold. You’ll need fleece black leggings and this cute army green and gray tie-dye sweatshirt. Then, grab a baseball cap and platform leather boots. To top everything off, add this rain cape instead of the blazer I have listed. You’ll be warm, dry, and ultra-stylish! 

Joggers and Trench Coat with Leather Cap

This outfit is perfect for that awkward time between seasons where it’s not quite warm and not quite cold. Start with a black jogger set, then add the double-breasted cotton trench coat to keep the moisture out. The leather cap will help with that too! 

Those Rag & Bone sneakers are back for this outfit too (I just love the texture). Accessorize with a matching Marc Jacobs camera bag and black sunglasses. This outfit is a simple tonal look that has a lot of drama!

Sweater Set and White Raincoat

When you’re wearing a sweater set, you just feel so cozy—like you’re wearing pajamas all day. Yet, they’re totally trendy since monochrome and knit fabrics are super in this year. Anyway, run for this ribbed sweater set and accessorize with a statement necklace. This white hooded raincoat is the perfect addition to this outfit. The sleek versus knit textures provide great contrast, and the white is naturally elevating for a totally luxe appearance. 

But, we can’t be done there. Y’all, we can’t wear our Birks in the rain! So, swap those out for these Calvin Klein white rain boots. They’re super cute and really affordable. They’ll make sure the rain doesn’t soak your socks and that your outfit looks totally lutzurious. 

Rib Cage Pants, White Button-Up, and Trench Coat

Here’s an outfit for a busy workday! The glossy Rag & Bone cropped pants will keep your pant legs off the ground, and give you the chance to flaunt some cute heels. (Maybe after you get to the office. A pair of boots would be a good idea for your trip there). 

Then, add the oversized button-up that’ll dry fast if it gets wet and finish the whole outfit off with a trench coat. This Michael Kors one has a tie fastener that creates an instant hourglass figure. This outfit will keep you stylish AND comfortable as you trek through the rainy streets! 

Plaid Trench Coat and Black Skinny Jeans

Another trench coat for the list! What can I say? Y’all, trench coats are so stylish and practical. They pretty much instantly create a memorable look. I love them! Anyway, a plaid trench coat and black skinnies will create your rainy-weather ensemble. 

If you’re sick of rain boots, grab these adorable Shasta waterproof running shoes. They’ll be comfortable for a day out on the town or a long walk to work! Finish this look with a knit beanie to keep the moisture from ruining your hair. 

Sweater Dress and Oversized Denim Jacket

This sweater dress is so cute! And, it’s perfect for those fall days when there’s some moisture but there’s no harsh chill. This will keep you covered and cozy, but still, give you some warm weather vibes. For outerwear, grab this oversized denim jacket. It’s not too hot if the temperatures haven’t quite dipped yet, but it’ll keep the rain from soaking your sweater dress. Finally, rock some over-the-knee boots for a polished final look. 

Leopard Print Sweater and Black Raincoat

Y’all know I love animal print, and this leopard print sweater is the best. I love the texture and color. It’s more subtle than other prints, but it still adds some visual interest to your outfits! I paired this sweater with distressed cropped jeans. For a rainy-day version of this look, just add this sleek black rain coat and these waterproof UGGs! Adorable! 

Leather Jacket and Cropped Pants

I love this casual ensemble, because it can work for any season! The base is cropped jeans and a loose tee. (Buy any color you like!) Then, add a leather bomber jacket, a pair of shades, and a black crossbody to elevate the outfit. The dark colors and dramatic textures mixed with the very relaxed styling of the shirt and jeans make this outfit a show-stopping ensemble. All it needs to be ready for the elements is a knit hat and a pair of waterproof sneakers

Sweater Slip Dress and Rain Boots

Like I said, I love animal print. This snakeskin slip dress is so effortlessly gorgeous. It immediately creates a beautiful silhouette and is ready to be casual or toned up for the evening. With the added sweater, your figure is further defined with an emphasis at your waist. Plus, the sweater gives you a little coverage if it’s chilly or rainy! 

This dress works particularly well for rain, because the dress cuts off at the ankle. So, you can frame some adorable ankle rain boots in pear green or black. Accessorize with rose gold jewelry and a black Tory Burch puffer tote. This look is totally surprising, yet tastefully trendy. 

Fashion doesn’t have a rain delay – rock these chic outfits the next time those storm clouds start rolling in!

Outfit Ideas for Rainy Days

Dressing for rain really just means you need a good coat, a good hat, and good shoes to keep that moisture away. There are so many stylish ways to introduce raincoats, boots, and caps. Just because it’s raining doesn’t mean you can’t be fashion-forward! Try one of these outfits to feel confident and full of life the next time the rain comes. No more sad rainy days. 

If the forecast is looking different in your area, check out my blog and Insta for more fashion tips and outfit ideas! I’ve got a ton to show you, and it’s my goal to help you feel oh-so confident and totally lutzurious in ALL your daily looks. Let’s build your closet together!