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Fall Morning Routine

Y’all, I love fall. I love the changing leaves, the cooler weather, and fall drinks. (Bourbon, anyone? I live for a pecan Old Fashioned.) During the Fall, I always feel refreshed too, because the changing of the seasons is the perfect time to reset and start a new routine. 

There are fall challenges and opportunities that demand you switch things up a bit. So, today I’ve decided to walk you through my cozy fall morning routine, in the hopes that it might inspire you guys to take some time for yourself and venture into this cooler season with ease. 

Fall Morning Routine

Open the curtains.

Fall is my favorite, but sometimes it can lack sunshine. As we transition from summer to fall, our outdoor time sharply decreases. No more beachy afternoons or vibrant festivals. However, the sun is great for your health, so we need to bring in as many of those sun rays as possible. 

Without enough vitamin D, you could feel fatigued, anxious, and sad. A vitamin D deficiency can also lead to forgetfulness, sudden mood changes, and weight gain. NO THANKS! This is why so many people get the blues in the colder seasons. So, it’s super important to open those curtains first thing in the morning to absorb those healthy UV rays. We’re staying positive this season, people! 

Journal and plan.

A great way to get ready for the day is to plan and journal. I put these together, because I think they go hand-in-hand. You journal to reflect on where you are, then you plan for where you want to be. It’s a great way to check-in with yourself and ensure you have a productive day. 

Fall-friendly skincare. 

Each season requires different skincare practices. And, though fall is my favorite, it’s definitely not my skin’s favorite. Acne. Eczema. Chapped lips. Standard winter itch. UGH. That’s okay, don’t fret. With the right skincare routine, this doesn’t have to be a problem. 

First up, put lotion on every time you wash your hands. It’s also super helpful to sleep with a humidifier or get one installed in your house. Make sure you have a hydrating cleanser too. One that’s not going to dry your skin out worse! Lastly, don’t over-exfoliate and eat hydrating foods. Doing all that will help your skin stay moisturized and healthy all season-long. 

Go on a morning run/walk. 

There’s nothing like a nice morning walk or run. (Or should I say a “hot girl walk”?) It makes you feel accomplished, it boosts your energy, and it gives you more of that ever-important vitamin D. Even if it’s only a walk around the block, it’s totally worth it. Whenever you’re working toward your goals, remember that 5 minutes matters! 

Treat yo-self to a Fall drink.

It’s not a cozy fall morning without a Fall drink. Whether you stop at your local coffee shop or make your own pumpkin chai tea, you should definitely treat yourself. It rewards you for your morning exercise and gives you a little rush of dopamine (and caffeine.) Honestly, my day doesn’t really start until I’ve had my morning drink. 

Get some breakfast.

Breakfast is important. We don’t need another Saturday morning cartoon ad to tell us that. But, seriously, the recipe for a perfect fall morning MUST include some food. Even if it’s as simple as overnight oats, always cook up some breakfast. Personally, I love this paleo sweet potato apple breakfast bake or these Whole30 bacon spinach breakfast frittatas. YUM!

Find the perfect cozy outfit. 

Y’all had to know this one was coming. This time of year calls for AMAZING fashion choices. Sweaters. Coats. Hats. Boots. AH! I love Fall fashion. Definitely dress your best this season to boost your mood, confidence, and overall well-being. Style is so powerful when you’re wearing something you really love! Speaking of? Have you seen my latest series on the ‘Gram? I am showcasing 30 days of chic, Fall looks to take you through Thanksgiving!

If you’re in search of some fall outfit inspo, ladies, I have plenty. You can check my LTK page for all my latest outfit selections. But, I also know we’re not quite to fall yet, so I’ve curated a special post to help you style your outfits during this awkward in-between time. You can read about the best transitional summer-to-fall outfits here.

Take it slow. 

There’s nothing worse than a super rushed morning. It makes you feel frazzled and anxious. Plus, it’s so easy to forget things and not enjoy your breakfast or drink, because you’re stressed about starting the day. Take it easy. My recommendation is to wake up early, so you don’t have to go as fast. 

Fall is the perfect time to reset and begin a new routine that’ll keep your energy, mood, and style on the up-and-up. 

Crisp fall mornings are one of life’s greatest treasures. It’s the perfect temperature to get outside for a run and walk. The colors are the perfect backdrop for a tasty fall breakfast. And, the clothes . . . Well, I don’t have to tell you again. Fall ensembles are the best! So, refresh this fall season with a new morning routine, and check back weekly for more content to help you make the most of your day!

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