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Bumpdate 29 Weeks

Well, HELLO 3rd trimester!!!  Wow, what an awesome journey it has been so far!  I feel so lucky to be carrying this sweet bambino in my tummy and CANNOT wait to meet Baby Lutz.  Baby is moving oh so much, AND we got to see that sweet face earlier this week.  I think he/she has Ryan’s lips!  This makes me so happy, because he definitely has the prettiest lips.  😉  SO, let’s cut to the chase and get to the BUMPDATES!BUMPDATE-29-WEEKS-4

How far along: 29 weeks, 1 day!  SO CLOSE!!

Cravings: Absolutely zero cravings!  Diet is normal!  Weeeeeelll, actually, I do love chips.  But that is normal for me!  #chipmonster

Aversions: None!  YES!!!!!!!

Diet: Paleo! I have been traveling SO much lately, trying to get everything in order before I head out on Maternity Leave.  Obviously, it’s a lot harder to eat SUPER clean when on the road, but it is possible.  I love eggs, avocado, and fruit in the mornings, salads for lunch, and protein + veggies + potatoes or rice for dinner.  Almonds or apples and almond butter are SO yummy for snacks.  SPLURGE ALERT: Last week while I was in LA, the hotel had these AMAZING homemade chips.  While everyone was having cocktails at the bar, I would eat a few (or 10) chips as I socialized.  When traveling, I usually hit up a Whole Foods to make sure I have healthy breakfast items and snacks available.  Starting the day with a good breakfast makes the day so much better!  I also pick up a bar of 85% cacao to eat after lunch and dinner, instead of ordering dessert.  1 bar is 2 servings, but I spread this out into about 10 servings over the entire week (ok, I admit it…5 servings some weeks).  If you need healthy eating ideas, check out my last post HOW TO Love Your Pregnancy: Food + Fitness.  This is PART 1 of a 5 PART series I will be rolling out every other week.

Weight gain: Ok, I swore I would stop reporting my weight gain at 15 lbs, but I got to thinking…weight gain is HEALTHY!  We preggos should be proud of it, as long as we are gaining in a healthy manner.  Reasonable weight gain means the baby is growing and receiving the proper nutrition.  My weight gain really has fluctuated.  It varies between 16 and 18 lbs, so we are right in track.

Bump watch: My favorite accessory is definitely showing off!  I measured 30 cm when We went to the doctor on Tuesday, so the baby is growing right on schedule.  Clothes are getting a little harder to find, but I have been able to size up on regular clothes and still rock the bump!  Thank goodness for these amazing boyfriend jeans I am wearing in the pictures. So comfy!  I am carrying REALLY high, so fortunately, I can still wear my regular jeans.  Do not stress about shopping for maternity clothes…if you need help or ideas, please email me ([email protected])!  I am MORE than HAPPY to help you.  Keep checking my #rockthebump series and my Instagram for inspiration.  You CAN make it fun!!

Mood: Mood is great!  My husband probably disagrees though. 😉  Hello hormones!  All jokes aside, we are SUPER excited about our couples baby shower, a 2nd mini-babymoon, and getting the nursery completed (SO cute by the way…keep reading for all the details).  I will NEVER forget some advice I received at 12 weeks.  One of my co-workers that has had such a positive influence on my life (J-MAC, I am looking at you) said to me: “Lutz, no matter what, enjoy this time. Regardless if you don’t feel well, are busy, or are working too much, take the time to reflect and enjoy your pregnancy.”  Everytime I get down or frustrated or fed up, I think about his pep talk. And it is so true!  I am challenging each of you to ENJOY IT. Yes, it can be tough at times, but what an AMAZING journey it can be as well. And the reward is oh so worth it.

Gestational Diabetes: I added this category, because I want to address this condition.  It can  be scary!  I was super stressed out last week.  I actually failed my first glucose test (the one hour) and had to take the 3 hour test.  Of course, I was disappointed, confused, and frustrated.  I eat healthy, exercise, and maintain a low-ish carb diet, so how did could this happen?  There are ways to prevent gestational diabetes (healthy diet + exercise), but it can be genetic also.  If diabetes runs in your family, you may want to pay closer attention to the risks involved.  I ended up passing the 2nd test, but it definitely was worrisome.  If you do have to go in for the 2nd series of tests, make sure you pack a snack to eat as soon as you are finished with the test.  I felt fine throughout the test, but as I walked out to the car, I felt like I was going to pass out.  You have to fast, so by the time the test was over, I hadn’t eaten in 15 hours!  I can’t even go 4 hours without eating!  Also, you can sip water throughout the 3 hours, and I highly recommend this.  Do your research.  And talk to your physician PRIOR to your tests.  Discuss your diet and find out how you should prepare for the test.  Try not to stress!!  Let me know if you have any other questions!

How do I feel? Honestly, I feel completely normal.  If it wasn’t for my bump or the baby moving, I wouldn’t even know I was pregnant.  I am still traveling for work, blogging, socializing, and exercising.  I really have tried to keep life as normal as possible, and it has helped me love pregnancy and embrace the changes.  If you are in the 1st Trimester, hang in there!  I PROMISE it gets better!  Stay healthy, get moving, and have some fun!!

Body changes: One major change: y’all it is HOT!  I mean, 95 degrees in June?  That wasn’t supposed to happen until August when it was time for the nesting stage.  I travel to South Florida a LOT, and good LAWD it is brutal down there.  I have definitely noticed my body temperature is much higher than normal, so I am trying to adjust.  If I get too hot too quickly, I kind of feel faint.  It’s a weird feeling, but cooling off and hydrating usually works.  Besides that and my growing bump, I don’t really have any other changes to report.  What about my belly button?  I THINK it’s out, but it doesn’t really stick completely out.  “The bump” is making it difficult to bend down to tie my shoes or pick something up off the ground.  I can’t help but laugh when I have to ask someone to tie my shoes! ha

Workout regimen: Still Iron Tribin’ it y’all!  I have made some modifications (nothing on my back), but for the most part, it’s business as usual.  Double Unders were one of the first things to go for me.  It’s weird…I guess my equilibrium is off or something, but they have gotten very difficult.  Pull ups: wowzers, it’s like wearing a 16-18 lb (ha) weight vest!  The key: watching my heart rate.  I don’t wear a monitor, but I always make sure I can talk during the workout.  This is a great way to make sure you aren’t overdoing it.  If you are exercising, make SURE you are staying hydrated and keeping cool.  This is SO important during the summer months.

Girl or Boy Prediction: I hear GIRL more and more lately.  I think people just want me to have a girl, so they can see how I dress her! hahaha  I honestly have NO CLUE!  Last week, I swore he was a boy; this week, I feel like she’s a girl.  This one is going to be a game-time.  Still need boy names!!!!!  I will take ANY suggestions!!!

Nursery Updates: We have made a LOT of progress in the last couple of weeks.  The nursery is looking SO cute!  Well, the concept of it is.  I haven’t received any items yet, but I have ordered pretty much everything.  Here is a peek…


A few details that I love:

  • Color-blocked sliding door!  Since the nursery is right at the front of the house, off the entrance, we want to keep it as open as possible.  It’s one of the most beautiful spaces in our house (the view is gorg), so we didn’t want to close off the room, BUT we obviously need a door.  We came up with the idea of a sliding door.  Since the door will slide into the nursery, it will limit artwork on one wall.  SO, I found this idea online: Colorblocked Door  It will create a piece of artwork while keeping the space open!  I am still debating on the colors, but more than likely, it will be mint green and bright yellow.  OR maybe I wait and paint it after the baby is here, so I can do hot pink if its a girl!
  • The crib.  No caption necessary.  I am obsessed!  (see top left of my inspo board) SO mod!
  • Black + white accents.  The back wall will be covered with black and white plus signs (similar to the blanket on the crib on my inspo board) or arrows, and I will accessorize all the neon + pastels with black + white.  This is an awesome way to add a bit of MOD to the otherwise bright and cheery nursery.
  • The clothing rack.  Y’all, this is going to be SO cool.  Instead of a closet or wardrobe, this is a sleek, minimalistic way to display Baby Lutz’s cute clothes.  Here is a link to what I will be doing: Minimalist Wardrobe Rack.
  • Acrylic.  Check out how cute those acrylic animals are (bottom right corner of inspo board).  I will also add an acrylic diaper tray, shelving, and maybe a little chair.
  • Turquoise day bed.  I have no words!  I love the mid-century modern look (bottom left corner of inspo board) to soften up the lines of the nursery.
  • YELLOW.  I am typically not a fan of yellow, but I LOVE how it pops!!!
  • Monte Rocker.  SO SO cute!!!!  it’s sleek, modern, and COMFY!

Don’t worry, I will create a FULL nursery post as we get closer to completion.

DAD: Ryan has been SO SO awesome! I cannot brag on him enough! He is SUPER excited and has been really hands on. He is hoping “number 2″ is a little boy, but I know he would be such an amazing girl dad. He is constantly talking to the baby and has really embraced my pregnancy. (awww cue the sappy rom-com tunes)

BABY LUTZ: We had our 4D Ultrasound on Tuesday.  I have always thought those 4D’s were a little creepy, but how cool is it to see the baby’s face?!?!?  I was BLOWN away!!!  Baby Lutz was sleeping away with his/her arm under the chin, JUST like I sleep!  Albeit hard to tell, I swear Baby Lutz has Ryan’s lips.  Just look at this sweet face!!!  I definitely teared up.  It was such a precious moment for us.  Only 11 more weeks until we meet our little bambino!  We are getting more and more excited each day and can’t wait to be parents!  It’s so easy to get wrapped up in how we feel, what to wear, how to design the nursery, etc, but the REAL reason for all of it is so so amazing.  To conceive this precious baby and become his/her parents is truly a dream!  And what the female body is capable of is nothing short of amazing.  Ok, cue the tears.  🙂  We can’t wait to meet Baby Lutz!!  Prayers for a healthy baby and an easy delivery (ha) please!

Thank you all for taking this journey with us!!!

Love Always LL
Life Lutzurious