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Good morning loves!! I am headed off to Orlando bright and early this morning. And LAWD have the last 24 hours been a little cray. I honest feel more like a hot mess than a rockstar. I woke up at the crack of dawn to drive to Savannah yesterday (yep I know what you are thinking). On my way back last night, I legit drove through a possible tornado. My “Bitches Who Brunch (our group text name)” were tracking the storm and updating me periodically. The drive was pretty smooth, until WOWZERS. About 20 miles from the Alabama line, all hell broke loose. All the cars on the interstate slowed down to a crawl. And I could barely see the road ahead. Finally I spotted an exit in the near distance, but I could not see the sign. As I exited, no lie, people were pulled over getting out of their vehicles. The wind was out of control, and hail and debris were flying all around. I pulled up to a gas station, but there was no one inside. So I headed next door to Jack’s to see if they had some sort of shelter from the storm. As my friend Lesley said, “Lindz just grab a hamburger and wait this one out.” By the time I got my barrings straight, the storm had passed. And no I didn’t grab a burger #notpaleo. I believe this was the same storm that hit McCalla, AL earlier in the day. There was a LOT of devastation with that storm, so please pray for those who lost their homes and/were injured. I was very fortunate.  

This morning I had a very early flight to Orlando. For the first time in MONTHS, Asher decided to wake up in the middle of the night. Of course I jumped at the opportunity to go cuddle with him, since I got home after he had gone to bed. We cuddled for a bit, and I nursed him back to sleep. HOWEVER, once he was back down, the crying would. not. stop. Super dad came to the rescue, and I headed upstairs to grab my 4 hours of sleep. 

I swear, everytime my alarm goes off, I convince myself that I can finish packing, get dressed, pump (yes, still breastfeeding), eat breakfast, and get out of the house in 30 minutes. It’s like there is some sleep devil that is sitting on my shoulder saying, go back to sleep…you can make it. So of course, just like every other week, I am like Mario Andretti racing to the airport, PRAYING the air valet isn’t closed, then literally sprinting to my gate in 4 inch heels. I’m sure the valet attendants really appreciate me coming in hot like I stole the damn car. Maybe one day I will learn. 

Well, once again a fashion post turned into an extremely long diatribe about my life. Ha. I have posted this outfit on Insta a couple of times, and several of you have reached out about the details. So here ya go! This outfit really is everything. I always love a comfy sweater but sometimes have trouble with styling. So this time I paired it 2 ways: with over the knee boots and a hat and with my go-to sneaks. This moto adds the PERFECT rockstar vibe, and the statement necklace takes it over the edge. This is a perfect way to take a chunky knit from daytime to date night, especially when it’s spring-like during the day and cold at night. Y’all know I can’t stand to wear tights. As always email me, if you have any questions, and have a great week!!  

 SWEATER Zady | SKIRT (old but similar HERE) | BOOTS Stuart Weitzman | SNEAKS MM6 (on sale) | HAT Janessa Leone | NECKLACE Dannijo (similar HERE) | RINGS Vita Fede and EF Collection | EARRINGS Vita Fede (on sale) 

As always, these photos were taken by the AMAZING Rachel and Noah Ray. 

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