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6 days left to shop, you guys! Who else is out there driving it like they stole it trying to get everything ready? The great part about last minute shopping is that pretty much every large retailer is providing very quick, inexpensive shipping. For example, Nordstrom is guaranteeing FREE Christmas Eve shipping if you order by the 21st. SO, you STILL have PLENTY of time. Procrastinators unite! I am breaking this last minute gift guide down into 4 categories:

  1. For Her
  2. Beauty Lovers
  3. For Him
  4. For the Person Who has Everything aka IMPOSSIBLE to shop for

Lastly, make sure you check out my Holiday Style Guide Magazine for a comprehensive guide of beauty, holiday dresses, and gift guides for the whole family. If you are still looking for something to wear, this Affordable Floral Holiday Dress is PERFECT for Christmas! Tis the season, yall…may the force be with you!



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  2. Click on the names of the items under each category.


1. TUMI BACKPACK: At only $95, this backpack is PERFECT for the working woman in your life, the mom, or even your stylish friend. It’s my go-to bag right now, because it holds all of Asher’s sh*t AND my 15 inch MacBook Pro. DONE and DONE.

2. DYSON HAIRDRYER: Yall, this is a SPLURGE for her, but I swear to you, she will love you forever. It is the and will reduce drying time significantly. Hubbies, this is a plus for you too if your wife is always late.

3. GUCCI BROACH: I LOVE this gift idea for so many reasons. This would be an awesome surprise gift that she can wear as a broach or even on a necklace. I promise you, she will LOVE this, hint hint family.

4. COLLEEN ROTHSCHILD DISCOVERY COLLECTION: I LOVE her skincare line. This kit is perfect for travel, and she will love it. It’s a great way for her to try new products that you can be confident will work so well!


1. YETI COOLER: Hell, I even have one of these and LOVE IT. I made an ice water, and it was still cold with ice the NEXT DAY. Great for cold or hot beverages. This thing is legit.

2. BOSE HEADPHONES: No explanation required. Just buy them. They are THE BEST headphone brand out there.

3. TRAVEL COCKTAIL KIT: Does your man travel a lot? And drink a lot? ha He will get so excited over this. It is super cute, AND perfect for airline travel.

4. SILICONE RING: Does your hubby hate wearing a traditional wedding ring? Or just workout a lot and is always taking it off aka losing it? Looking at you, Ryan! This is SUCH a fun and thoughtful gift idea!


1. BOSE WIRELESS HEADPHONES: I bought these for Ryan last year, and uses them NON-STOP. They are perfect for making phone calls, working out, or just tuning out the kids.

2. SONY A6000: This camera will rock your face! The quality is on par with a DSLR, but this is so much more compact.

3. MAHABIS SLIPPERS: Buy these for the WHOLE FAMILY. Let me repeat…you get a slipper, you get a slipper, everyone gets a slipper! I am OBSESSED with these, and Ryan has loved his too!

4. TUMI CARRY ON GARMENT BAG: The best suitcase EVER. Ryan and I both use this every week when we travel. Splurge…he or she deserves it!


1. EASY EYESHADOW PALETTE: Ok, I am a big fan of the Naked Palettes but this one make beat it out. It separates the colors into sets of 3’s, so you can use each “set” for whatever look you are trying to achieve. For example: day or night.

2. CHANEL LIP PLUMPER: I want this SOOOOO bad. PLEASE someone buy it for me. please and thanks.

3. LA MER OIL: This shit is expensive for a reason. He or she will love it, I promise.

4. MAKEUP REMOVER CLOTH: Again, someone PLEASE BUY THIS FOR ME!!!! It removes your makeup with water only!