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Haaaaaaaappy Tuesday, babes!  I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend and an easy Monday.  How excited are you guys about Spring fashion?  I mean, I literally want everything from every store.  I am doing my best to keep you updated on all my favorite looks, but I literally cannot keep up.  SO. MUCH. AMAZE. STUFF. I am just hoping the hubs doesn’t notice all this new stuff that keeps arriving daily.  “Oh you mean this old thing? I have had it FOR YEARS!”  Do any of you guys ever use that excuse? #allthetime.  Stay tuned, because all the fashion will be hitting the blog over the next several weeks.

Speaking of new clothes and Springtime…it’s also wedding season!  I am the WORST when it comes to purchasing an outfit JUST for an event, such as a wedding.  I end up spending an ungodly amount of money on something I wear once. If you follow my blog, you know that I am all about shopping at the repeat boutique. I LIVE IN my favorite outfits and rarely wear them just once.  Your wedding day just might be the most photographed day of your life, so looking your best should be a top priority—for brides, bridesmaids, and guests alike. To help give all involved parties advice on wedding day fashion, Borrowed & Blue, the online wedding planning resource for all things Birmingham weddings, approached me for the best local advice out there. So, I am providing you with 4 AMAZING (but very “off the beaten path”) looks for this wedding season, so you can be the [second] best dressed person at the party.  Also, over the next several weeks, I will dedicate individual posts to these outfits to show you that you can wear these outfits beyond your best friend’s wedding.

I am SO bad about planning my outfits in advance, and end up paying a million dollars in shipping costs to receive the outfit in time for the event weekend.  Well, not this year. We are going to plan in advance ladies, so we can rock these outfits all season.  I am not sure if you saw my New Year’s resolution post or not, but 2016 is all about BEING INTENTIONAL.  You can read my post HERE.  I am going to give you four VERY chic options for Wedding | Event season 2016.  DISCLAIMER: You guys know my style.  It is edgy, unique, and very different from the typical “southern style.” But I challenge you to step out of your comfort zone and don’t simply conform to the norm.  BE YOURSELF, yall.  Feeling comfortable in your own skin, displaying confidence, and STANDING OUT are truly your best accessories.  So, use these outfits as inspiration to be your BEST self and ROCK it this season.  Stay tuned for the follow up posts on how to style these outfits.

“It’s no secret that Life Lutzurious is a household name around Birmingham when it comes to fashion and style. That’s why we came straight to the source for wedding fashion tips that we could pass on to our couples. Borrowed & Blue might have it down when it comes to planning Birmingham weddings, but Lindsey is the resident expert on how to look your best on your big day. So whether you’re a soon-to-be bride, bridesmaid, or wedding guest, get ready for some of the most relevant style tips out there.”Stephanie, Borrowed & Blue’s Birmingham Market Specialist

And now to my Q&A with Borrowed & Blue…

1) Lindsey, describe your aesthetic in five words.

Bold, Textured, Detailed, Edgy, Modern

2) How would you say that your style differs from the general “Birmingham” style?

Goodness, my style is VERY different from what people think the typical Birmingham style is.  However, I feel like Birmingham is becoming more and more fashion forward. Of course, we still showcase our Southern roots, but there is definitely a move towards a more chic style…and dare I say even hipster at times?  I personally really love a variety of textures: leather, suede, sequins, spikes…you name it.  I tend to pair edgier pieces with girly pieces (the long skirt and leather crop top you will see below, for example).  I definitely take risks and bend the rules. Most people say “you didn’t get that here in Birmingham, did you?” But, if you think outside the box a little, you can find your own unique style right here in Birmingham, where we have some FABULOUS shopping.  Now Asher (my 8 month old, #ASHtag)…his style is VERY different from other babies around town. And I find his style rubbing off on me more and more everyday.  If you follow me on Instagram, you have seen his adorable clothes.

3) What are some general style tips for guests when choosing what to wear to a wedding?

  • Look at the invitation.  What time is the wedding? Is it a formal affair or an outdoor brunch?
  • Fit is crucial. You may find the outfit of your dreams, but if it does not fit, let. It. go.  Either get it tailored or don’t purchase it.  Avoid anything too tight. Poor fit is a deal breaker.
  • Keep the style of the bride + groom in mind.  When I got married, I LOVED hearing my guests say: “Do you like my dress? I totally tried to channel your style when shopping.”  What an awesome compliment to the bride + groom!  
  • Don’t wear white.  No matter how non-traditional I am, I just can’t do it.
  • Be yourself.  I cannot tell you how many people feel like they need to conform to “what everyone else is wearing.” Obviously, etiquette must be considered with weddings, but as long as you show common courtesy, rock it and do your thing!

4. What’s your version of the best wedding guest outfit for a traditional ballroom, Southern wedding in Birmingham?

May I phone a friend on this one?  All joking aside, the time of the wedding matters more than the type of wedding (thanks CB!).  A 5pm traditional ballroom, Southern wedding is very different from a 7pm traditional, ballroom wedding.  As long as it is not a formal wedding (after 6pm), I tend to stick with sleek silhouettes with fabulous heels and a fun clutch, a long, silk jumpsuit with geometric accessories, or a show-stopping, on-trend skirt.  Dress up your look with a statement necklace and earrings or even add a belt to complete the look.  

This dress is extremely versatile and can be worn all year, no matter the season.  I love the rich, olive green color, and the heels add a little edginess to the look.  I recently discovered Abbey Glass at Gus Mayer, and now I am obsessed.  Her pieces are AMAZING and affordable.  I have linked the look after the photo and have included some budget-friendly options as well.



DRESS Abbey Glass [contact Brittany at Gus Mayer: [email protected] or 205-870-3300; love this LBD option HERE] | SHOES Stuart Weitzman [on sale!!!] | CLUTCH Oliveve [sold out…very similar HERE and same designer HEREonly $150] | EARRINGS Vintage Chanel [LOVE these for less than $200 HERE] | SUNNIES Illesteva [love these and less than $250] | CUFF BRACELET Jenny Bird [only $118] | BRACELET Vita Fede | RING EF Collection | BELT B-Low The Belt [contact Brittany at Gus Mayer: [email protected] or 205-870-3300]

5. What about a guest outfit for an outdoor summer wedding?

Don’t be afraid to experiment with color and textures. I am OBSESSED with this Alexander McQueen dress.  In my opinion, it is perfect for an evening, outdoor summer wedding. I love the pastel pink and girly, ruffled sleeves paired with the sleek, metallic bag [texture is my jam, y’all].  And for the reception, throw on your cutest sneaks instead of taking your shoes off…that is gross, don’t do it.  For a daytime garden party, stick with pastels or on-trend floral patterns, and pair with a chunky heel and feminine accessories.



DRESS Alexander McQueen [contact Brittany at Gus Mayer: [email protected] or 205-870-3300]; budget friendlier HERE; another cute flirty option HERE; almost identical HERE] | CLUTCH BCBG [sold out but HERE is a Rose Quartz one that would pair perfectly; under $100; even cuter metallic gold option HERE] | SNEAKS Rag & Bone | EARRINGS DANNIJO [similar and 30% off HERE; less than $180] | HEELS Christian Louboutin [budget friendly HERE] | BRACELET BCBG [sold out, similar HERE]

6. The best guest outfit for fighting the Alabama heat?

Something that breathes well and does not show sweat! I love a long, flowy silk dress for an outdoor wedding, but you MUST consider the heat.  Sweat is NOT your best accessory. Some other breathable fabrics to look for include chiffon, cotton, linen, and even eyelet [very on trend as well]. 

7. What does “black tie” look like to you?

These days, I feel like black tie can mean so many things to different people.  I used to dread black tie events, but really, it’s a great excuse to get dolled up.  To me, it means the party is fancy, and the hubs is going to look oh so dapper in his tux.  Most people assume you need to wear a full length gown, but that’s not absolutely necessary…let’s get creative.  I have worn a high-low, cobalt blue lace dress and even a lace, black jumpsuit to formal events in the past.

I LOVE this option for a black tie wedding or even a formal 11 am wedding. I am mixing feminine with fashion forward to create a very chic ensemble.  Again, texture.  I kept the accessories minimal, pairing the outfit with my big, vintage Chanel earrings, my FAVORITE Jenny Bird cuff, and a gold YSL bag. To dress it up even more, you could add a statement necklace.  Dannijo has the most beautiful necklaces that would complete this look perfectly. And yes, I know what you are thinking: a crop top!  GASP!  But again, keep the bride’s style in mind. If she is more fashion forward and less traditional, a crop top that shows very minimal skin is acceptable.  This outfit truly is everything…I really could LIVE in this skirt!


TOP Abbey Glass [contact Brittany at Gus Mayer: [email protected] or 205-870-3300] | SKIRT Brunello Cucinelli [contact Brittany at Gus Mayer: [email protected] or 205-870-3300] | SUNNIES Krewe | CLUTCH Saint Laurent Mini Pvc Shoulder Bag [sold out but just as FAB HERE; $34 super cute metallic option HERE] | BRACELET Jenny Bird [only $118] | EARRINGS Vintage Chanel [LOVE this less expensive option HERE]

8. What about “semiformal?”

The options are endless for semi-formal.  A little black dress, or even a chic pantsuit. Or what about a silk jumpsuit in deep teal with baby teal pointy toe pumps to create a very stylish, monochrome look?  Pop a bright white bag to complete the look.  Sounds pretty amazing huh?  If you are over Spring pastels, metallics and jewel tones are great options.

I know, I know: sequins, a crop top, AND pants?!  I get asked all the time: “can I wear sequins to a wedding?”  My motto: if you want to wear sequins to brunch, then by all means, rock those sequins at brunch. And the same goes for a wedding.  You obviously do NOT want to overshadow the bride, so stick to an understated, muted color scheme and limit the sparkle.  Also, this is absolutely a nighttime look.  And please, no full length sequin gowns ladies.  If you go sequins, do NOT choose something too fitted, and keep the accessories minimal. This outfit is not only stylish and chic but also comfy!  I actually blogged this outfit last week…you can find the details HERE.  Can’t you tell I love the separates trend??


SEE POST HERE for outfit details

9. “Casual?”

For a more casual wedding, I am thinking “garden chic.”  It IS a wedding, and I would rather be overdressed than underdressed.  I think the perfect casual outfit would consist of high-waisted silk shorts, a flowy silk top, and some killer wedges. Think pastels or floral prints with sweet accessories. Show your style but keep it low key.  

10. If guests still need to find an outfit last minute, can you suggest some of your favorite boutiques or stores that are sure to have the perfect wedding guest outfit on hand?

My local go-to’s are Gus Mayer, Manhattan South, and Saks. I am also a sucker for ShopBop…they utilize Amazon Prime for shipping.  I may or may not ship new clothes and shoes to hotels when I travel. 😉  There’s nothing better than checking in and having a surprise waiting on you!

11. In terms of bridesmaid style, what are some general rules to keep in mind when choosing their dresses?

Again, think outside the box. If you want the bridesmaids to match, let them show their individual style through their shoes or their jewelry.  OR what about letting your bridesmaids choose from different styles of the same dress? I adore this idea. I also love the ombre look with each bridesmaid wearing a different shade of the bride’s color.  So, what are some of the bridesmaid’s trends for this year?  Look to some of the current trends in the fashion world: chic separates, metallic, midi skirts, high neck gowns, sheer fabrics, and even jumpsuits!  

12. What about when brides choose their wedding dress? Any advice there?

BE YOURSELF and keep your future hubs in mind. I know that sounds obvious but a lot of brides ignore this tip.  If your fiance loves seeing you in big, romantic ball gowns, try to avoid a super fitted, trendy dress. Or vice versa.  I love a chic accessory, such as a fabulous belt or a vintage hair piece, and I challenge you to have fun with your shoes.  Consider your favorite color or your favorite shoe type, such as sneakers.  Stay true to your style, and wear something that makes you feel STUNNING!

13. What’s your opinion on non-traditional bridal wear (ex: pantsuits, crop top dresses, etc.)

Yall, I am the epitome of non-traditional. I am ALL for whatever makes you happy and shows your personal style.  To me, style is a personal reflection of everything you love.  As I mention above, non-traditional bridal wear is very IN right now.  If you are more fashion forward, this should be reflected in your wedding-style as well. What about a Rose Quartz (2016 Pantone Color of the Year) wedding dress?  I have even seen some GORG weddings featuring a black dress.  GET CREATIVE!  Think outside the box.  It is your day, so style it the way you want to style it.  

14. What about your own wedding—what did you wear and what did your bridesmaids wear?

My dress from Ivory and White was OH SO FAB!  I knew I wanted something fitted, unique, and fashion forward.  The ruffles, the belt, and those shoes though!  It really was perfect.  I was sold on my bridesmaids wearing pink. I really considered having each of them pick out their own dresses, until I fell in love with the dress (Bella Bridesmaids) I ultimately chose.  It was also important to me for them to showcase their individual style, so I said “have fun with your shoes and jewelry…wear whatever you want!” One of my bridesmaids, Jeana Lee (yes, Bella Bridesmaid | Birmingham Fashion Week | Style Icon, Jeana Lee), brought her accessory suitcase, and we went to town dressing up.  It was a blast!  




15. Any last wedding-related style advice?

When I am styling people for weddings, whether it’s their own wedding or as a wedding guest, I consider these things: 1) The time and formality of the wedding 2) The individual’s style 3) The bride’s style and/or wedding theme (chic garden party, beach bash, or formal and traditional…these things should be considered). I sound like a broken record, but get creative.  Fashion is supposed to be FUN and individualized.  Be yourself and wear something that makes you feel fabulous. Fit is crucial, and as I get older, I have come to the realization that comfort is key.  Always rock a fun pair of shoes, play around with texture, and realize that accessories can take your outfit to the next level!

Well, that’s a wrap!  Thanks so much again to Borrowed & Blue for such a fun blog post!. Be sure to check out their site for all of your wedding planning needs.  Over the next few weeks, I will be blogging many of these looks, so stay tuned for more styling ideas, shoppable links, and some fabulous fashion!  New to my blog?  You can learn a little bit about me and how Life Lutzurious came to fruition HERE.  If you have any questions about what to wear to a wedding or any of these looks, feel free to comment or shoot me an email.  Don’t forget to follow me on INSTAGRAM.  AND you can shop my posts by signing up at LiketoKnow.It!  Thanks so much for reading!

Photography by Rachel and Noah Ray


Love Always LL