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How to Style Pieces Already in Your Closet

Alright ladies, I truly enjoy sharing new style finds with you and helping you shop, but sometimes, it constantly feels like you need to buy new things in order to let your style shine and keep up with the trends. Don’t get me wrong, a new piece here and there is a great way to keep your wardrobe fresh, but just because a new season is here doesn’t mean you need to completely buy a new wardrobe!

I know it can be hard to figure out how to make the same old items in your closet feel new and fresh. I think we’ve all been there where it feels like you have nothing to wear… and a closet full of clothes LOL. Because of this, in today’s post, I’m showing you how to style pieces that are already in your closet for the fall season.

I went through my closet and picked out a few of my staples that I already own, and created fresh ways you can style them to make them feel new. If you have any of these items in your own closet, or even something similar, I hope this can inspire you to create some new outfits of your own! Keep reading for my style tips plus how I come up with new looks when I’m not feeling too inspired or am sick of what is in my closet.


“Stovepipe” jeans… aka (basically) a classic straight jean style, are my go-to. Jeans are difficult because everyone’s body is different, and it can be hard to find a style that fits well and you feel confident in! I feel like I’m constantly trying on different jeans styles because I’m pretty picky when it comes to the fit, but when I do find something I love, I buy multiple pairs. For me, that’s a stovepipe jean, but for you, it could be something totally different! Regardless, these looks below are ways I’m styling the same jeans in my closet I’ve had for a while- a classic pair of denim that I know we all own.

Idea #1: Cropped Denim Jacket & Sambas or Ballet Flats

Idea #2: Comfy Sweater & Uggs

Idea #3: Denim Blazer & Loafers


There are so many different variations of the mini skirt so even if you don’t have the types of skirts I’m wearing, really any mini skirt will do! Pictured you’ll see me in a cargo mini skirt and a pleated mini skirt (my latest fave) so if you have either of these, they might work best. BUT skirts are really a personal preference thing- maybe you don’t love a mini skirt but a midi length is more your thing, and that TOTALLY works too! The goal is to switch up how we typically wear skirts and find ways to wear them more casually / day to day.

Idea #1: Tucked Sweater, Tights & Loafers (bonus- add socks!)

Idea #2: Untucked Novelty Sweater & Ballet Flats

Idea #3: Denim Midi Skirt, Striped Sweater & Tall Boots

Cargo Pants

I have been wearing cargo pants a ton recently- they have become one of my new go-tos! They are so comfortable and I love the edgy look it brings to an outfit. If you don’t own cargo pants don’t stress, this look would also work great with a classic trouser pant as well. If you typically don’t wear trousers outside of the office, the outfit below is the perfect way to try them out for your everyday fall looks!

Idea #1: Oversized Sweater, Elevated Belt & Ballet Flats

Let me know in the comments if you like seeing these styling tips or if they are any specific pieces you want me to style next! And make sure to head over to my LTK page where I post a ton of outfit inspiration and styling ideas every week.

xo, Lindz