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BUMPDATE: 21 Weeks


Hey guys!  I hope everyone had a great week!  And just like that, we are over halfway there.  So, it’s time for a bump update.  This picture was taken this week at 21 weeks, but my last doctor’s appointment was 3 weeks ago.  We had our anatomy scan, and everything looked great!

How far along: 21 weeks + 1 day

Cravings: No cravings really.  I still love grapes and apples…really anything sweet!

Aversions: Nothing new to report.  I have not been in the mood for fish though.

Diet: I am still about 80% Paleo.  I do splurge on dessert once a week and have added in rice & potatoes.

Weight gain: Ugh.  Do I have to tell you?  Ok, fine [insert pouty face].  I have gained about 12 pounds total.

Bump watch: It is large and in charge!  I finally “popped” around week 18-19.  I love my new accessory!

Mood: Mood is ok!  I have been a little bit more up and down compared to weeks 15-19.

How do I feel? I feel pretty good!  My workouts are getting a little tougher, and I have not been sleeping AS well.  But overall,  I cannot complain.

Body changes: WHOA.  I feel like a LOT has changed in 4 weeks.  My belly has obviously popped, and I am definitely gaining weight in places I didn’t even know you could gain weight.  Other…ahem, “assets” continue to grow.  One symptom that I always read about but didn’t think much of: sinus problems.  I wake up pretty much everyday with congestion.  OH!  A question I always get: have your feet grown?  Unfortunately, this one is true!  I have gone up half a size, according to Jimmy, Chloe, and Christian. 😉  Oops, there has been some splurging lately.  In regards to my sleep…I have been having CRAZY dreams.  I am typically a very hard sleeper, so this has been a little tough to get used to.

Workout regimen: Still doing Irontribe (Crossfit for those of you that aren’t familiar with IronTribe) several times a week.  I AIM for 5 workouts per week, but of course, it doesn’t always happen.  I am not going to lie…today was TOUGH.  I felt like my balance was a little off, and running was more difficult with this belly.  But I am still hanging’ with the boys!  I have modified everything on my back.  So, no more sit-ups.  I have also modified my burpees to where I don’t land on my belly.  This modification is actually really tough, because you don’t have as much momentum.  Exercise definitely makes me feel SO much better!  If I am a little tired, there is nothing like a WOD to give me an energy boost.

Girl or Boy Prediction: I have NO CLUE!  Not even the slightest inkling.  I hear GIRL a lot, but I really do not know.  Chinese calendar says girl; my lack of morning sickness says boy.  We will see!

Nursery Updates: Head over to my Pinterest board [the lutz nest] to see my latest inspo.  I am LOVING the neon + pastel combo and am pretty sure this is what we will go with.

DAD: So, how is the Dad-to-be doing?  He is really excited!!!  He loves talking to the baby and making sure I eat enough food.  If I am in town, we work out together, which I LOVE.  He keeps me from overdoing it, and I just feel better with him being there.  Has he gained weight?  Um, no.  It is the opposite…Daddio is in the best shape of his life and looks awesome!  He SWEARS Baby Lutz is a boy.  I feel like we should make a friendly wager on this one.

Baby Stats: weight (at 19 weeks): 9 ounces | measuring: baby Lutz measured right at 18 weeks + 5 days, which is the exact day we had our appointment.  So, he or she is right on track! | heart rate: slowed down to 148 (does this mean boy???) | size (as of today): equivalent to a baby bok choy!  Everything looked great at the appointment.  My next one is in less than 3 weeks!

Well, that’s about it!!  Overall, I have had SUCH a great pregnancy.  My mood has been great [I have actually been more laid back than usual], and I have felt pretty much normal the entire time.  To all the moms out there: what should I expect over the next several weeks?  I feel like so much has changed since my last update, and I would LOVE any info you want to share.  Please leave me a comment if you have any advice!   Stay tuned for the next Lutz Bump update. 🙂

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