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Well, it’s that time of year again…Asher’s birthday! And nothing says Happy Birthday like a modern party animal birthday theme, amirite? For the past 3 years, creating Asher’s birthday parties has been a labor of absolute love for me. Modern, chic, and a ton of fun, each party shared similar elements, yet showcased Asher’s favorite things at that point in his life. This year Last year, he was ALL about animals. Like obsessed. His Gigi gave him a “packpack” aka backpack full of wildlife, including a seal pup (my fav), a mama gorilla and baby gorilla, a lion, and a million other species. You can buy them together or individually (Asher is getting a few of these for his birthday). So of course, he was PUMPED when he walked in and saw all of his favorite animals partying with him for his birthday. And while I do realize this party was ONE YEAR AGO (because #life), I promise you these party animals in tiny birthday hats were well worth the wait. Happy Birthday, Asher!



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bamboo plates // zebra plates // wooden utensils // animals // acrylic console table // grey and gold ottomans // 36in sparky balloon // silver cake stand ($20 off) // wood and marble cake stand ($24.95) // vases from CB2 and West Elm // long white tray

As you all know, we tend to keep things modern and chic with a few whimsical details. For the tablescape, I used bamboo plates layered with paper zebra plates. The wooden utensils, silver cups, and paper straws (and these cheetah straws) added a nice touch without causing too much fuss. What DID cause a fuss were these ADORABLE TINY ANIMALS WEARING TINY PARTY HATS. Yall. More on that in a bit. We set up the “kids table” outside using these tiny tables from Ikea (I have used them for 3 parties now (and countless times for playing), so well worth the upfront cost) and a mix of wooden stools and modern kids chairs. We kept the arrangements simple, opting for succulents and cacti.

We utilized the dessert table, flanked with balloons, as a focal point of the party. The gluten free white cake pops were a HUGE hit and balanced out the space perfectly. We designed a mix of cookies, which brought the theme together. For the cakes, I used a few animals with tiny party hats, a sparkling three for one cake, and the cutest three cake topper for the other. PRO TIP: Use two cakes with different heights is a great way to create interest with your dessert table. Also, the kids used the smaller red velvet cake as a smash cake. You can imagine the gore of red velvet cake and mini zoo animals scattered everywhere. INSERT FACE PALM.


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marble cake stand // silver cake stand // acrylic cake pop holder // marble balloons // animals // number 3 sparkler candle // bamboo plates // wooden utensils // zebra plates // silver cups // three cake topper

For our parties, we typically use Tre Luna for catering. We love that they focus on local, seasonal ingredients, and they are such a joy to work with, no matter the occasion. Since it is always SO DAMN HOT in August, we served white wine, rose, beer, sparkling water, and Honest juice boxes for the kids. We also had little containers of popcorn for the kids to snack on in between trips down the water slide. White Claw is ALWAYS a good option for the adults.


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We kept things simple with a neutral color palette. This black skorts romper (sold out but linked similar) was perfect for entertaining our wild crew on a hot day. I tied in the animal theme with pops of leopard. We dressed planned to dress Asher in the cutest animal tee. HOWEVER, he had bigger plans and only wanted the swim outfit you see above. Can’t win ’em all folks!


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Ok, ok, the real reason you guys are here. It’s ok, I get it. You can find the animals on Amazon, along with everything else. Here is exactly what you need to complete this adorable Pinterest project. And trust me, I am no Pinterest pro. This is super easy and can be done in less than 30 minutes. If you don’t want to make them you can purchase them here and here.


decorative paper

small glue gun

double sided tape

tiny pom poms

party hat template


-Find decorative paper that matches your decor.

-Download and print the template.

-Cut out out the hats.

-Attach the sides with a glue gun or a piece of double sided tape.

-Glue on the tiny pom poms and VOILA!


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three cake topper // sparkler 3 candle // white square tables // wooden stools // white stools // modern kids chairs // silver cups // bamboo plates // animals // zebra plates // CB2 vases

And ladies and gentlemen, THAT is how you throw a party animal birthday party! This was one of our MOST FUN parties to date. A few tips: don’t overdo it. Some balloons, a few whimsical details, and a cohesive theme will take you far. Remember, it is ALL about the kiddos, so make sure they are having fun. We ALWAYS opt for a bouncy house or a water slide to keep them occupied, even on hot summer days. The adults can always switch up monitoring the slide, and you can even set up a tailgate tent to keep them cool.

Feel free to email me or shoot me a DM on Instagram for any questions. If you recreate this party, please tag me so I can see and share. Love ya, mean it! PS, most of our party stuff can be found on my Amazon party page.