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Ok, guys…this one’s for you!  I absolutely LOVE getting messages from my guy friends about how much Life Lutzurious has helped them shop for the women in their lives.  So…whether you choose to celebrate Valentine’s Day or not…your wives and girlfriends more than likely do.  And don’t lie…I know most of you have not even thought about it yet [it’s on Saturday, by the way].  Well, we are here to rescue you from a potential disaster.  Remember, Valentine’s Day is ALL ABOUT LOVE.  So, show your beautiful significant other how you feel about her…think all things CREATIVE, INSPIRED, and LOVE.  And running up to Publix on the way to dinner to pick up last minute flowers just won’t cut it.  If you are going to buy flowers, do it the right way.  Go big or go home, right?  No, really…it IS the thought that counts, but actually put SOME thought into it.  Ok, onto what to actually buy.  It can be small, inexpensive, creative, or extravagant.  I will tell you…one of my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE gifts my hubs ever bought me was a personalized necklace he designed himself.  It is probably too late to get one here by Valentine’s Day, but you could always do a card and flowers and say the real gift is en route.  Just think of something that’s inspirational or sentimental and use those words to personalize a piece of jewelry.  The necklace contained my blog name LUTZURIOUS, written out, using the exact font from my logo.  It was thoughtful, creative, and fairly inexpensive ($150, I think). Here are a couple pictures of the necklace and more ideas to inspire you…

Lutzurious Personalized Necklace Heart Day
Made by Daisy

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Happy Heart Day!